Last Jedi Teaser Trailer & The Last Jedi Panel @ Celebration 2017, Orlando

We’re not going to over speculate here.

For now the most important thing we care about is how John Boyega’s character Finn is doing. At the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens we were left with him unconscious and kidnapped by the Resistance! Stress!

At a recent Star Wars celebration event – Celebration 2017 in Orlando, the cast of  Star Wars The Last Jedi Panel joined host, actor Josh Gad to talk as little as they could about the upcoming installment.

Boyega said of what will happen to Finn in The Last Jedi:

“It’s been painful, it’s been a process… Finn definitely stood up for himself at the end of ‘Force Awakens’ and caught a bit of an injury to the back. He’s in recovery, but he will be back in ‘The Last Jedi’ and he’s not playing this time.”

Boyega also said:

“But specifically for Finn, he wants to find his place now. Is he going to be a part of the resistance or is he gonna keep running away from the First Order? We’ll see.”

OK… so… there’s that.

Watch the full event below the line (Boyega joins the panel around 23:50 seconds in)

Star Wars the Last Jedi is set to air in the UK this December


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