Mansa Infinity is the Founder of Vegan Clothing line, HIFE

Mansa Infinity is the founder of HIFE Clothing, which brings esoteric knowledge, positivity & high consciousness to the forefront. The all vegan HIFE clothing aims to teach people to be the best that they can be in every aspect. HIFE Clothing achieves this in its designs by incorporating sacred geometry into the high quality clothing.

We caught up with Mansa to discuss his hopes to spread the HIFE brand, the quest of Sacred Geometry, Knowledge & Positivity to every corner of the planet and also the new elements to the fashion industry in which HIFE brings…

HIFE is aimed to “teach people to be the best that they can be in every aspect”. How do you encourage and achieve this in others?

HIFE encourages people to embrace their individuality. Being your best is a never ending journey. HIFE is about taking a step on that journey every day.

HIFE clothing stands for High + Life = HIFE living life in an elevated state whether physically mentally or spirituality. Where did this idea generate from?

hifeclothing_400High life is a term that is usually associated with a luxury lifestyle with lots of money and glamour. It has been proven that money doesn’t always bring happiness. So a thought emerged that a true high standard of life is achieved when you are living at your best physically, mentally spiritually, socially, etc.

The designs you created aim to bring Sacred Geometry, higher consciousness and esoteric knowledge to the forefront of modern society, but who and which things were your inspiration while creating such designs?

HIFE Clothing draws inspiration directly from the geometry found in nature like the hexagon on a honeycomb and the great things that come out of nature. HIFE clothing takes inspiration from the creator of nature which clearly has an unmatched intellect. If we as people knew just a fraction of that knowledge, the things we can achieve will be unfathomable. HIFE Clothing has this notion deeply embedded in it. Knowledge is power. True power is in the application of knowledge. HIFE Clothing applies knowledge to fashion.

Being an all vegan self-starter business, where do you select or buy the materials used to manufacture your ethical sourced products? Does the country where you buy from benefit from the sales?

HIFE Clothing has partnered with certified factories in the UK and overseas that adhere to fair trade practices. All the materials are researched and sampled before they are used to mass produce HIFE Clothing garments. HIFE Clothing aims to start doing some of production in the Caribbean and select parts of Africa by 2020. This would open up business opportunities for the people in those regions.

What is unique about HIFE clothing compared to any other clothing brands?

HIFE Clothing is the only brand that encourages the wearer to be the best they can be. It is the only brand that puts knowledge and positivity to the forefront whilst staying in line with current fashion trends. This is crucial in today’s age especially for the youth as being “bad” is deemed as something to be proud of. HIFE Clothing breaks the mould. HIFE Clothing elevates the wearer on more levels than one.

What according to you is a favourite part of being a part of HIFE?

The most exciting part is the ability to create with no boundaries. HIFE Clothing went in its own direction in fashion. As a result, HIFE has no set or defined limits and has space to create the most innovative designs. If the fashion industry was an art gallery, HIFE Clothing would have a whole exhibition opposed to one piece in the gallery.

What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses within the fashion industry?

The greatest strength is the originality. HIFE Clothing has created a new arm of fashion which will be used to remould the way people interact with clothing by making them more aware of the messages a brand promotes or the values the brand is based on. There are no weaknesses only things that need to be improved on naturally this is everything. HIFE Clothing is an ever improving brand.

How do you stay up to date regarding fashion?

It is important to immerse your mind in the field that you’re in no matter the industry. I achieve this by being active on social media and fashion blogs. I follow many style blogs and fashion social media accounts. Mainly from Instagram. I regularly interact with other people within the fashion industry and get a lot of feedback from HIFE Clothing wearers. I encourage people that I know to hit me up with new trends. I interact with the influencers and fashionistas both locally and overseas. I live, breathe, eat and sleep creativity and fashion. I am regularly inspired and constantly open to learn so anyone that has new knowledge to share should get in contact.

How would you describe your personal style?

www-hifeclothing-com_400My style is HIFE. I’m Hifed up when I reach out. My outfits are a HIFE uniform with a utilitarian theme. My logo is always visible in my outfits (Uniforms). I love monochrome especially black I pay attention to silhouettes and cuts over patterns and bright colours. My style transcends my clothes; my mind set is elevated. You can hear it in the way I communicate. I live the Hifestyle.

What was your company’s mission at the startup of HIFE clothing?

The mission was and is to provoke elevated thoughts. The sacred geometry theme was incorporated to appease those that know about it and intrigue those that don’t. HIFE Clothing’s main mission is to make being your best, being positive and intellectual cool stylish and fashionable.

You’re also branching out into womenswear — tell us more about that…

I am working directly with a female fashion designer to create a line that will be more geared towards elegance using unique cuts, silhouettes, materials and using innovation to bring forth an elevated fashion experience.

Will there be any expansion for a children’s clothing line as they are the new beginnings to life?

Yes, indeed. There have been recent talks on which angle HIFE Clothing will approach a children’s collection. One thing is guaranteed it will give the children a sense of pride that will show them that they are the future and the leaders of tomorrow.

What’s next for HIFE clothing, where do you see yourselves in 5 years from now?

In 5 years HIFE Clothing will have a retail shop in Leeds and London. All clothes are currently available on The HIFE Clothing range will have expanded with a fully developed Women’s & Children’s line. HIFE Clothing will have award winning adverts and innovative marketing campaigns. HIFE Clothing will also be a first choice for the youth when it comes to fashion. HIFE Clothing will elevate the minds of wearers and non-wearers everywhere.

If anyone would like to stock Hife Clothing, discuss collaborations, ideas, and events email – /
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