Moses Ssebandeke tributes his mother with a short film about black nurses in the NHS

Moses Ssebandeke is a 25-year-old filmmaker, artist, comic who tributes Black Nurses in his latest film.

‘Victoria is a student nurse who experiences her first patient death. This makes her rethink her dream of becoming a nurse. Only when she meets one more patient do things change.’

Mary’s Room‘ is a short film that touches on The NHS and the Windrush generation. Will all the speaking parts are spoken by women young and old.

Director Moses Ssebandeke, started his career making documentaries in Germany. He went on to make short films with the BBC. He’s also a stand up comedian and in 2014 completed an apprentice with BBC Comedy.  Going on to work as an assistant producer at BBC children, last year the script for Mary’s Room was shortlisted by Creative England to be a part of their Shortflix programme.

Ssebandeke says about Mary’s RoomThe NHS is very close to my heart because my mother is a nurse. She has told me many stories from patients she has come in contact with. I wanted to give a voice to the nurses that are ignored.

Watch Mary’s Room here.


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