New Kiss FM Grime Show Host, Rude Kid Talks Back

The KISS Network has launched a brand new radio show dedicated to Grime music and is hosted by one of the biggest names in the genre, DJ and producer, Rude Kid.  ‘KISS Grime’ airs on KISS main station every Sunday night from 10pm as the first of a weekly show that also extends over KISS video and social media channels too.

As both an innovator of the scene and a creator of some of grime’s biggest anthems, Rude Kid is set to make the show a spectacular destination for avid Grime fans and no doubt create a whole new wave of fans in his wake.  With so much excitement surrounding Grime right now, there’s nobody other than Rude Kid to spark the fire and bottle the energy in to a 140 bmp flurry of stand-out programming. Given his extensive network of artists and fellow producers, the show is set to be jam packed full of exclusives, brand new music and news from the frontline, making this the first stop for anyone looking for the latest scoop.

Listen out for ‘Rude Kid’s Riddim’ as he chooses the hottest tune of the week alongside the heaviest live MC sessions and special guests which will be available to watch and listen to in full at plus video features across KISS Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels filled with added extras.

Rude Kid says; “I want this show to help push the scene, it’s an honour to have my own show on KISS and be able to play the music I love”

The announcement of the show can only add to what was already going to be an exceptional summer for the DJ/Producer. Having recently DJ’d alongside Chase & Status throughout the UK, Rude Kid recently kicked off his summer shows with a set at ‘Love Saves The Day’ and is followed by him hitting the decks at superclub‘Amnesia’ in Ibiza, as well as Reading & Leeds, Glastonbury, Wireless and Lovebox music festivals.

We were absolutely delighted to catch up with the busy producer this week and here is the best of the interview with TBB’s Albert Yanney…

DJ Rude Kid welcome to TBB. Let me begin by asking you to tell us a little about your background as a DJ and producer prior to landing this role as a Kiss Radio presenter?

I started making music in school as everyone really does; I used to mix on my cousin’s decks now and then (vinyl). A few years ago I started DJing more seriously. Now I’m a presenter on Kiss FM and have my own Grime show.

How significant a moment is this is for the Grime scene as well as for yourself as the public face of this new venture for KISS radio station?

I think it’s a great thing for the scene; its given artists another big platform for their music to get played. it’s great for Grime to be back on such a big station like Kiss again and feels mad that I’m doing the show!

Why do you believe Grime music has effectively stood the test of time when many early critics envisaged it as a passing ‘experimental’ music trend?

I think the people who listen to grime love the music so they stay true to it and show it love at all times. I believe people now more than ever are proud to listen to Grime.

Your show kicked off on Sunday June 12th. How nervous or excited have you been given that fact that KISS is a national platform?

It was a bit mad because I flew back from doing a show in Ibiza and from the airport went straight to Kiss FM studios. I was more anxious than nervous. I just wanted it to sound perfect; now I’m more used to it. I love being on radio every week.

Do you agree that the “Stormzy effect”(i.e. his solo success) has contributed significantly to the increased popularity of Grime in recently?

Erm, yes, I think he’s played an important part for the scene. A lot of people in the scene are doing great things right now and it’s all helping the success of Grime.

How do you currently assess the long-standing negative stereotypes/associations with Grime music such as knife and gang violence?

If people who say these things went to Grime events or raves they will know it’s the most peaceful place full of good vibes. Back in the days before I grew up it was mad and I understand that some people don’t want to forget about that. However in this day and age, anything around Grime music is as we say; “just good vibes”.

Has Grime evolved partly due to clever PR and marketing such as Lethal Bizzle’s involvement with BT Sport (Premier League) and Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s friendship/media work with Stormzy?

I personally believe these people always liked Grime so it’s just them showing love. We didn’t have things like Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter before so we really didn’t know what kind of things people were into. Now you can share everything but has Grime evolved because of that? Maybe. I think Grime was always going to get bigger and better; even now you could argue it’s still early days for Grime as a music genre and it has the potential to evolve even more.

Name some of the highlights of your year so far working as a DJ/producer…

My highlights this year have been doing loads of festivals and smashing them; also the success of my tune “One Take”.

The best beat you’ve produced so far is…

That’s a hard question, I love all the tunes I make.

What is your favourite Grime beat/Instrumental of all time?

Another hard question. I will say Wiley “Eskimo” because when I heard that tune my music taste changed and I wanted to hear more tunes like that.

I used to produce some fire back in 08 on my EJAY CD Rom. I’ve still got those MP3’s stored away. Is there still hope for me make it as a top producer like yourself?

Of course, as a producer you don’t have an age limit. It’s never too late to follow the dream.

What are your plans for the remainder of the summer?

To release a badboy single, do another EP, more shows, and do whatever I do to the best of my ability.

What are you doing once this interview is over?

I’m not sure…might just make another sick tune!

For Rude Kid’s Kiss show, listen here


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