Nikki Fagbemi Actor/Writer + creator of ‘Why Me?’

Nikki Fagbemi – Creator of ‘Why Me?’

Please introduce yourself …

I am Nikki Fagbemi, an actor and writer from east London.

Why, Why Me?

The story was inspired by my own personal experience of living with an invisible illness and I really wanted to show that on screen but through comedy and layered emotions.

Tell us about your team …

DBK studios was amazing from the get go, just from understanding and believing in my vision when it was just a thought it my head. This film would not be here without Koby. He really encouraged me to talk about this topic when it wasn’t something I saw myself doing and I am so grateful that he did. My producer Danielle really put so much into getting this film made too and it reflects in Why Me?. I had an amazing team from my director Abdou Cisse who really held my hand and we built this story and brought it to life, to Anna our incredible DOP. The cast also brought these characters to life.

What does the story of Why Me? mean to you personally?

Why Me? means so much to me because as a child, seeing someone on screen doing what I wanted to do, that was battling the same condition to me would have made such a difference and knowing that so many people will watch Why Me? and be able to see themselves on screen honestly excites me and reminds me why this short film is so necessary.

Tell us a memorable moment from idea to final edit?

A memorable moment would definitely be on set and I had a crisis (sickle cell pains) and really thought that was the end of Why Me?. It was really touch and go for a moment but so grateful I was able to get through the day and I get emotional watching Why Me? because there were times, I wasn’t sure if it would happen but it is here now and I am so proud of what we made.

Share a skill-defining moment making this film?

Finding my voice as a writer. Why Me? was my first script and I really found myself as a writer and filmmaker on this process.

What’s next?

More writing. Writing has taken over in such an exciting way. I am currently writing on a Sky comedy show and also developing my own TV series.

Why Me? is showing as part of DBK’s Unearthed Narrative series. Available to watch now via Now TV

Find out more about DBK’s Unearthed Narrative filmmakers here


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