post Star Wars, John boyega’s next role is as a lawyer in ‘naked singularity’

Naked Singularity is based on a book by Sergio De La Pava.

The story follows a public defender (John Boyega) who after losing a case, gets suspended and then finds his life spiralling out of control when he begins to question the criminal justice system, and if that wasn’t enough he gets entangled in a risk it all heist with a young defendant.

Naked Singularity is the directorial debut of Chase Palmer who wrote It. He co-writes this with author and screenwriter David Matthews (Narcos, Boardwalk Empire). Ridley Scott is one of the exec-producers. The film also stars Olivia Cooke, Ed Skrein, Linda Lavin, and Bill Skarsgård.

At the moment the film has a ‘2020’ release date but exact date is unconfirmed.


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