Power Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – New Man

This episode’s title is apt, because most of the male characters have breakthroughs or traumatic experiences which will leave them pondering their future.

We’ll begin with Ghost aka James St Patrick (Omari Hardwick), who is free and back in the penthouse but having prison flashbacks.  Dude was only in there for a few weeks but he committed a murder, became a victim of extortion and gained another enemy in that short space of time.

Expecting to step back into his old pre-leaving his family for Angela life immediately, he asks to reconcile fully with his wife Tasha (Naturi Naughton) but she’s had enough of his ass and whilst he’s been committing adultery with AUSA Angela Valdez she has been having her fun too and seemingly wants to get to grips with new lawyer Silver.

Ghost puts on his designer suit and heads back to his nightclub Truth. Nemesis No.1 Kanan (50 Cent) is outside watching. Once inside, he looks at his club and exhales but his triumphant moment is interrupted by Nemesis No. 2, Simon Stern who reveals that Tasha took a loan from him and the only way to pay it off is to work for him in a new business venture. With Ghost in charge it will enable him to take advantage of minority grants and tax breaks from the government. “You need my black ass to make you more money” Ghost exclaims. the cheek of it!

Later Ghost is angry about Tasha’s stupid deal but she gives zero fux especially as this argument is “Coming from the man who does whatever the fuck he wants without consulting anybody!”. Indeed. Tasha bosses up and suggests that Ghost turn the situation around and use Simon to his advantage, she may want her old husband back after all.

Nemesis No. 3 Tony Teresi is back in jail and soon on the phone to Ghost calling in his favour, he wants to speak to Tommy immediately. But since Ghost’s release, Tommy has been AWOL.

Ghost’s son Tariq has been kidnapped for the past 24 hours but has no idea that he been kidnapped…  Jukebox (Anika Noni Rose) has him in a house and the hapless kid even overhears her speaking to Kanan on the phone about money etc. She mentions Ghost yet he’s still oblivious to his own fate.

Tommy is in Chicago meeting with their new boss Jason who wants Tommy to take over more territory in LA and ultimately cut ties with Ghost. Tommy tells him point blank he will not kill Ghost, so he has to deal.  The offer to stay and party with the crew is met with apprehension but clearly Tommy has no choice. As the night unfolds, Tommy finds out his hit on Milan last season was not approved and his life is in danger.  Recriminations play out over a freshly dug grave between Tommy and Petar who has been a snake all along.  Old friend Tatiana pops up to tell Jason the truth, and with one straight shot to the chest Petar’s fate is sealed. Tommy lives to see another day, again! Interesting that when his life flashes before his eyes he pictures Holly. On his way back to NYC he stops off in Cleveland, where Holly was from. At first it seems he wants to buy a house in her memory, then as he gets talking to the realtor we discover he is in fact Holly’s uncle who molested her when she was 9 yrs. old.  This vile paedo had the cheek to say, ‘she wanted it’.  Tommy picks up a baseball bat on display, you can guess the rest.  Easy kill for Tommy.  He’s 2 for 2 with the Weaver family.

Dre’s (Rotimi) punk ass is busy promising Kanan a cut of Ghost’s business and lies to Julio about his meeting with Kanan who they have been told to kill on sight. Julio should have taken that info straight to Tommy, not a dude he knows he can’t trust. Dre then meets with Cristobal and The Toros Locos and gives them permission to get rid of Julio. Nooooooo not Julio!  He’s the only one with the decent sex scenes this season. Dre’s lures Julio to a spot where his former crew are waiting for him.  It turns out the Toros Locos have a “blood in, blood out” policy and Ghost saved Julio from the ‘blood out’ part. Because the crew are dealing with Dre now, Ghost’s deal is dead. Julio, bless him, he’s a soldier. He fights for his life and takes out two of the three crew members, but his fate is sealed. He gets stabbed several times by the leader, Uriel who also slices his 718 Toros Locos tattoo brutally off his neck followed by a lethal blow to the chest. It is a heartbreaking sight to see Julio turn himself over and slowly crawl across the floor to nowhere before collapsing. He should be dead, but I’ll check how many episodes J.R. Ramirez has on IMDB just to make sure.

Ghost leaves Truth after a day’s work and heads home to see this kids for the first time since his release or so he thought.  He gets slammed into his car by a blast from the past. Kanan, who up till that point he believed he’d left Kanan to burn alive in a warehouse  (season 2). Ghost doesn’t have time to be shocked because Kanan instantly tells him they have Tariq and both their lives are in danger. Ghost tries to explain that he just got out of jail and is a little short of the ransom they are demanding but Kanan isn’t trying to hear any excuses, he is not in control of this, he doesn’t even know where Tariq is. “Not having any money never stopped you from getting money before,” he reminds him.

Ghost decides to rob Tommy’s stash house, despite feigning disgust at him robbing his own friend, Kanan goes along as back up.  The heist goes well, apart from one fatality. Before they enter the house to confront Jukebox, the old friends have a heart-to-heart which wouldn’t be believable without hem both pointing loaded guns at each other first.  Kanan is in a precarious position, he has no idea what Jukebox is planning and knows Ghost will kill him.  Despite this he hands Ghost a gun and gives him a choice: Kill me now, or help me save your son.  No choice at all really. Jukebox ain’t no fool, it doesn’t take her long to figure out the double cross.

She threatens Tariq’s life, and demands Ghost & Kanan tell the kid a few home truths.  As if Tariq wasn’t confused enough, he soon learns all about his fathers’ past life and the fact that his ‘friend’ Slim is Kanan who he thought was dead.  Most shockingly of all, Kanan admits to killing Shawn. Jukebox turns her attentions to Ghost and looks like she is about to pull the trigger but Kanan reluctantly kills her dead in a hail of bullets, saving Tariq’s life. As Ghost grabs his perplexed son and hugs him, Kanan points the gun at his former friend but again gets an attack of conscience and instead grabs the money and leaves. Ghost has his son back, but Tariq is noticeably shocked, he doesn’t even hug his father back.

I can’t wait till next episode when Tommy hears all about it. Also hope Tariq finds a new attitude. We also need more Silver and Tasha, will she won’t she go there!? Also… is Ghost truly done with Angela?

New episodes of Power air on Netflix UK every Monday.


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