Review – Terri Walker & Nicole Wray LP ‘Lady’


Paying homage to RnB and soul of the 1960’s, singers Terri Walker and Nicole Wray known collectively as ‘Lady’ have released an LP of the same name this month.

The 1st single “Money” sets the tone for the whole album with its use of rhythms and complex blending of instruments associated with 1960’s& 70’s soul married with their modern RnB vocals, this fusion makes for a unique sounding record.

Terry Walker’s sultry Neo Soul voice and Nicole Wray’s raspy RnB sound blend almost too well, creating sweet harmonies but practically becoming one indistinct voice. They do not seem to take many risks in terms of vocal,  keeping the tone of the album melodically the same throughout, maybe trying to keep some authenticity of the 60’s sound.

Terry Walker showcases her smooth, Jazzy vocals on the track “Karma” giving her fans a taste of the old sound that they know and love. Telling the age-old story of what goes around comes around this song allows Terry to dig deep and give a heart-wrenching performance.

“Good Lord” has rock influences and is quite reminiscent of music by Sly and the Family Stone bringing back a touch of soul/funk.

All round it is a nice album may be lacking the oomph to catapult it to mainstream but a feel-good listen all the same…Listen To The Album Her



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