Short film Black Glory addresses the stigmatisation of black women’s natural hair

Project Embrace presents Black Glory a film celebrating the beauty of black women’s hair.

This short film addresses the discrimination and microaggression black women face but also show them just how worthy they are of positive representation and celebration.

The stigmatisation of black women’s hair has gone unchallenged for far too long. This has been fuelled by the idea that there is only one way to be beautiful and by extension, acceptable. Project Embrace aims to challenge this narrow and outdated idea of beauty.

In 2018 Project Embrace joined naturalistas all over the UK to declare ‘Proud To Be Me‘ in their #afrovisibilitybillboard campaign. This year they are calling on corporate Britain to ‘Rip Up the Dress Code’ to tackle the stigma black women often face when wearing their natural hair to work.

Find more about Project Embrace here.

Black Glory was made by award-winning fimmaker Naomi Grant find out more via LAMBB Productions


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