Can You Tell a Story in a 2 Page Script? Submit to ‘The Impact:50’. Deadline Weds 7th January 2015

impact_50Create50 is an initiative and creative process that platforms the work of emerging screenwriters, filmmakers, short story writers and allied artists. ‘The Impact’ feature film opportunity is their latest project.

Can you tell a story in a two page script? – One that will deeply move the reader and, subsequently, the audiences who watch the final film? If you can, then enter your screenplay into the Script Contest for ‘The Impact’. If you are one of the final 50, you will share screen credit with Hollywood screenwriting legend Joe Eszterhas. Once the script stage of the competition closes, the 50 best scripts will be selected and released on the internet so filmmakers across the world can download and shoot their own versions. The best of the final films will be edited together to make an extraordinary feature film for cinema, TV and online.

About the ‘World’ of the feature film ‘The Impact’

The Impact is a story that will challenge screenwriters and filmmakers to dig deep into a human narrative that transcends politics, religion and petty differences. Exploring the idea, ‘As we look into the face of death with certainty, who would we choose to be in those last few hours?’

The creators also want to tie fifty stories together with a single global incident.

Based on the location of each story, the writers and filmmakers will know at what time of day their individual tale will be set. This will allow us to move around the planet to explore and experience scripts and films from many countries and cultures whilst tying them into a specific and rigid timescale.

‘The Impact’ will have an absolute time and place and reality. So no aliens, zombies or the paranormal.

It is not country or language specific (though screenplays must be submitted in English). In fact diversity and non English speaking versions of films once the filmmaking stage begins are welcomed. ALL scripts must be in English.

Both the project and the final film will begin with a short but powerful announcement to the planet by the President of the United States. This script has been written by Hollywood legend and highest paid screenwriter of all time Joe Eszterhas. It will begin filming in the coming weeks with a top secret cast and crew.

Some rules:

  • Scripts MUST be two pages or less. Very few people submitted one page scripts, and there is no reason why you should not do so.
  • Give your script an original title and do not call it ‘The Impact:50’.
  • Anyone can enter from anywhere around the world, though scripts must be in English – although the subsequent films can be translated into any language.
  • Do submit several scripts, especially the one you think is a great idea, and the one(s) that scare you to write. Be bold or controversial.
  • Do redraft, rewrite and polish before uploading. 80% of scripts submitted to 50 Kisses contained typos, redundant words and just plain, first draft writing. Be excellent and you will rise to the top of the pile.
  • Don’t obsess about punchline stories with big character arcs and melodrama. Small and understated stories can work just as well, even portraiture in some cases.
  • But if you do have a killer ‘big’ story, do write and submit it. Remember you can submit more than one script – write something radically different for your second submission.
  • To help filmmakers, unless absolutely essential, avoid naming cities / countries in your scripts. This will allow filmmakers ANYWHERE to produce your script and in the correct timezone for their own shooting location.
  • Consider producing a film, even if it’s not your script. The value is in the journey, process, new relationships and experience.
  • Consider production issues. Someone who is cash strapped but overflowing with passion and chutzpah may shoot your film. Ask yourself, how could I arrange what’s in the script? If you feel it would be possible, even a challenge, it’s probably OK.
  • Avoid obvious ‘first idea’ stories. No matter how good it is, if it’s an obvious thought there will be be many scripts submitted with that same theme –  only one script that tells ‘that story’ will be accepted.
  • Be prepared to engage with the community in a positive and constructive manner. Expect to receive feedback, some of which you may not like. But remember this is a critical part of the writer’s process and will be a constant throughout your writing career.
  • If your script is chosen as one of the 50, you can of course shoot it yourself and submit it. You can also shoot any other script too. Other filmmaking teams may choose to shoot your script also.


Find out more (read rules and guidelines properly):


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