Support Ortis Must Go! British Ghanaians: Lost In Translation Part 2 – Kickstarter Campaign

Ortis Must Go! is a campaign to take one man on a journey of self-discovery and preservation of languages from his mother’s birthplace, Ghana, West Africa.

Twi is a colourful language which comes from Ghana, West Africa. Twi is also one of several Ghanaian languages, at risk of dying out in the diaspora because many 2nd and 3rd generations of Ghanaians cannot speak them fluently.

This means that many are losing touch with their cultural heritage and identity.

The money raised to get project, Ortis Must Go! off the ground, will go towards funding the making of the sequel to ‘British Ghanaians: Lost In Translation’ a feature-length documentary about preventing language endangerment amongst the British Ghanaian community in the UK.

Part 1 has been funded by the former UK Sky Channel OH TV, however, this is an independent project, for which the team will need your help to make it happen!

Meet The Team

Pamela Sakyi –  is a Ghanaian Documentary Filmmaker and Director of the Media production company, SparkleLight Productions. She has worked in the Media and TV industry for over 10 years and has worked with some great, reputable organisations such as: The Foreign & Commonwealth Office, BBC London, Water Aid, Film Education, Ericsson and the African Movie Channel (to list a few).

Ortis Deley – is a seasoned British Television Presenter (The Gadget Show, Channel 5) of Ghanaian and Nigerian descent. After nearly 20 years of television presenting, Ortis has become a familiar and popular choice. Ortis spent 10 years at CBBC hosting shows such as Live & Kicking, Shortchange and Best of Friends. In 2015 he presented ‘British Ghanaians: Lost In Translation’ and is passionate about learning more about his Ghanaian heritage and also learning more about how to preserve it.

Sam Blankson – is a hard working, passionate, Creative. A Director of Photography/Camera Operator, with over 10 years of experience. He has worked all over the world and across genres from documentary to advertising and factual entertainment. Sam was born in Ghana and raised in the UK and worked as a DOP on ‘British Ghanaians: Lost In Translation’. Sam’s extensive knowledge of Ghanaian culture will be a great asset when we film Part 2 of the documentary.

Find out more and how you can support Ortis Must Go! here.


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