TBB Talks … Game Of Thrones S8 Ep 2

The face you make … when everyone’s going to die!

Episode 2, of the final season of Game of Thrones, was a setup.

They had us all warm and fuzzy at the sight of the very alpha male pissing contest between Tormund GiantsBane and Jamie KingSlayer. Both vying for the heart of Ser Brienne of Tarth. Arya stressed us all out as she wantonly had her way with Gendry. Tyrion gathered the troops for a sing-song. Theon stepped up. Ghost returned. Sansa and Daeny played nice for about 5 seconds and Cersei was nowhere to be seen…

Then … the horn of death rang out … signalling the impending war!

Who do you think will die in episode 3?

TBB & friends Steph and Sade from Everyday Fro Day break down the pending doom.


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