TBB Talks to … Poet Suli Breaks For The British Blacklist

Suli-Breaks_spoken_word_poetryIs it fair to say life has changed drastically since ‘Why I Hate School, but Love Education’ hit Youtube?

I would say, life has changed more for the people who support or follow my work. I mean, my ambitions, goals and focuses have not really changed. I could most definitely say a lot more opportunities have arisen and I am just trying to maximise those as much as possible. As a person, I am just very grateful.

Why do you believe in Spoken Word as the perfect means to get your messages across?

I wouldn’t say it is the perfect means. I feel as though it is the means which I most enjoy atm. It’s all dependant on what I want to say, I may choose to rap it, or even just speak it, rather than formulate it into a spoken word piece. Just for what I have wanted to say currently Spoken word as been ideal, because it suits the mood and tone of my message.

As a Spoken Word artist are you ever influenced/inspired by other young writers?

Most definitely. I draw inspiration from every one. I feel every artist has one aspect/skill, that they may not even realise, which you can learn from and adapt to your own style.

You’ve been very busy travelling the world’s poetry circuits, what have you learnt so far?

That people are more united than we think. The fact that people from so many different walks of life react the same way, to the same things. Is evidence of this.

What makes you angry about the world right now?

The fact that some people are never given the opportunity to know their true worth or achieve their full potential, because society looks down on them.


We know you have a passion for rap, who is your favourite MC of all time and why?

It is too difficult to name one, as I like different ones at different stages, but Jay-z was the first artist who really made Hip-Hop appeal to me, so he is always really a clear choice.

What is your favourite album of all time?

The Blueprint – Jay-z

In your opinion, how strong is the UK Spoken Word scene right now?

I think the UK scene as a whole in every area, film, music, sport, is thriving. I tend not to distinguish the Spoken Word scene, as I draw my inspiration from all these areas. That is what I believe art is truly about.

What is the title of your new EP?

The title is “The Dormroom”. Out Friday 28th June @12pm, BST.

How would you describe the format of “The Dormroom”, Is it purely Spoken Word?

I have described the The Dormroom as an “Audio Story”.

What do you hope for this release ?

What I really hope is for the people that listen to the EP to gain a better understanding of Suli Breaks, as a person as well as an artist. I want them to have a better understanding of my journey.

How and where can fans get a hold of a copy?

The Dormroom EP is available for free download at www.sulibreaks.com


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