TBB Talks … The Flatshare With Shaq B. Grant

Shaq B. Grant has been acting since his childhood, he is known for both roles on stage and on screen. His work includes TV series such as Gangs of London, Dead Pixels and Everything I Know About Love; his short film roles include The Ark and Cycle.

Grant’s current role is in Paramount+ series The Flatshare which follows Leon and Tiffany, two cash-strapped twenty-somethings who share a bed but have never met. The question is, can you fall in love with someone you’ve never set eyes on?

We Spoke to Shaq B. Grant about his role as Leon’s incarcerated older brother Richie and how the character turns the traditional rom-com on its head …

Please introduce yourself …

My name is Shaq B. Grant and I’m an actor from east London … Hackney to be precise!

Please describe your life right now in a word or a sentence …


Please tell us about your character in The Flatshare

Richie is Leon’s loveable, outgoing older brother and arguably the best ‘wingman’ of 2022! I think Richie is actually a romantic and even though he’s in prison, Richie’s charm, charisma and optimism shine through.

Shaq B. Grant as Richie – The Flatshare 2022 The Flatshare/42 © Paramount+

What was it about the script that made you say, “Yes, I want to be a part of this?”

By the time I had read the full script I had already been cast as Richie, but from reading the sides/scenes I knew I could fully play the character. I know people that have gone through similar things, and it felt like a good opportunity to try and give an honest representation of a world I could partly understand. What I thought was super dope though is that Richie; a black man who was wrongly convicted, existed in a rom-com. Like I’ve gone up for roles to play prisoners before usually in dramas though; so it was like I knew this could potentially be a good challenge for me in my career and also help to add a new dynamic and conversation to a genre that doesn’t usually explore these topics.

So when you were on set, who are the people who are most important to you in getting your job done?

I’m going to cheat and say EVERYONE on set is equally important to me in getting my job done. I think to get the best out of filmmaking there needs to be a synergy between everyone, especially on a show like The Flatshare that is about relationships. I had a great time filming it, there was a good vibe on set that hopefully translates on screen.

Tell us a memorable moment on or offset …

The most memorable moment for me was the coffee machine throw in Ep 6. I remember when they cut Anthony was like “look at the strength!” I was creasing for time.

Shaq B. Grant as Richie – The Flatshare 2022 The Flatshare/42 © Paramount+

What’s your current plan B? (if it all goes wrong what’s the plan?)

Plan B to what?? If you mean acting then this is Plan A-Z.

A book you have to have in your collection?

The Bible and The Richest Man In Babylon

A song/album that defines the soundtrack of your life to date?

I’m torn between 3 it depends on the day! Lianne La Havas – Is Your Love Big Enough, Young Dolph – Rich Slave and Blade Brown – Bags & Boxes 2.

A film / TV show that you can watch/have watched repeatedly?

Peaky Blinders.

The first stage production you saw and what it meant to you?

The Big Life – Stratford East.

What’s made you sad, mad, and glad this week?

I’m sad and glad that The Flatshare is finally out. Sad because it’s kind of done now, but glad that everyone gets to see the show.

What’s next for you?

More acting, more auditioning, more life living!

The Flatshare is available to watch now on Paramount+

Main Image: 2022 The Flatshare/42 © Paramount+


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