TBB Talks… to actor and producer André Fyffe

André Fyffe is an actor, producer born and raised in North West London.

Beginning his earlier career in stage school, Sylvia Young, Fyffe has gone on to become part of the fabric that is the emerging British Black pool of talented creatives. TBB Talks caught up with him to discuss his latest project, ‘Capture‘.

What’s Capture about?

What if there was a cure for every disease in the world? This technology exists and is intended for the elite but all of that is about to change. A distressed woman is on the run after stealing the world’s most advanced breakthrough in technology and medicine to save its inventor. Her careless attempt to control this technology accidentally puts the lives of others at risk. Who can help her evade capture?

What was your role on the film?

I was the producer and played David, supporting role.

How did you come up with the idea and develop it?

The idea was originally developed with Dee William and myself. I called him up at 4 am, I know that’s not working hours, told him my idea and he started to develop parts of my idea. Which then we brought to Alex the director who helped us develop it further.

Working with a small budget what was the strategy to get this done?

Working with a small budget meant we always had to review the budget as we went along and ensure we spent our efforts on things which we thought were most valuable to making the film.

How long did it take to shoot, and finish Capture and how did you find the cast and crew?

We had the idea around Christmas and it took us about two months and a half. Having two extra executive producers Zane and Jahrome meant we (Alex and myself) were able to split goals up equally and get more done efficiently.

You’ve released Capture online, what else do you have planned for its journey?

At this time we hope to develop the short further if we are able to get the right team on board.

What did you learn working Capture and how will you implement it into the next project?

I’ve learned that teamwork makes the dream work. It really does take a team to make a really good film and even when the film is over it still takes a team to push it further whether that be submitting to festivals or putting it online. Teamwork is everything.

What is your next project?

At the moment I have a short film Epiphany were I play the lead character Lenny, which is still being sent to various festivals this year. Along with documentary, Deleted, which I am Executive Producer. As well as Left Hook a boxing film were I play Jason; which is also being sent to various film festivals. I have also produced a short comedy drama Slut which was released on Valentine’s Day.

What’s it like being a part of the new wave of British Black talent coming up?

I think it’s exciting and rewarding, I’m learning a lot and growing as an artist. I do wish to collaborate more with other creatives and build better relationships.

How are doing with your New Year’s Resolutions or goals? On point / So So / you didn’t set any?

My new year goals started in December. So far it’s going great. Just waiting to win the lottery


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