TBB Talks to … Aml Ameen

Aml Ameen is about to take the industry by storm with his lead feature role in Yardie.

Taking time out of his busy schedule during the Sundance London premiere of Yardie, TBB Talks grabbed the chance to catch up with our prodigal son Aml Ameen.

It’s not like Ameen is a newbie to the industry. Those of us who’ve followed his career remember him as Trife in Kidulthood (2006) and PC Lewis Hardy in the ITV police series The Bill (2002 – 2007). Whilst dominating the small screen, Ameen also produced and created short films Drink, Drugs and KFC, The Pick Up and the powerful 12.

We then cheered him on his merry way as he left UK shores for America to take on the industry. One of the first of the younger generation to do it Ameen made quiet ripples in Harry’s Law (2011-12), The Maze Runner (2014),and Beyond the Lights (2014).

Though he’s been our household name for a while, it’s Idris Elba’s directorial debut Yardie which is set to catapult Ameen into the acting stratosphere. Cast as lead character ‘D’, Ameen plays a young man haunted by the murder of his older brother back home in Jamaica. Set in the 70s Yardie charts D’s journey from his homeland Jamaica, to his move to London and how he navigates trying to find his feet and stay out of trouble…

Adapted from Victor Headley’s classic novel of the same name, Yardie comes to UK cinemas Friday 31st August. With preview screenings taking place around the country on Thursday 23rd 2018.

Listen as Ameen discusses the depths he went to, to bring D to life, his commitment to his career path and how he’s got all his American homies saying ‘bruv’! …


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