TBB Talks To … BAFTA Breakthrough 2023 Finalist Raine Allen-Miller

Filmmaker Raine Allen-Miller’s directorial debut feature, Rye Lane captured audiences hearts since its world premiere at Sundance in 2023.

Studying art and design at the BRIT school, early on Raine worked in the world of advertising before deciding to follow her dreams of becoming a director. Her first short film, Jerk (2018) premiered at the BFI London Film Festival, before moving on to directing Rye Lane.

We spoke to Raine about the film and being a BAFTA Breakthrough finalist…

Please introduce yourself …

I’m Raine Allen-Miller and I am a director and writer.

What’s been the most significant project of your career to date?

I am working on something very significant currently, but people would know me for Rye Lane which is a feature film, set in South London, which is a hugely important place for me.

You direct because … ?

Sounds naff, like SUPER naff…but I like telling stories, I like plunging people into another world and making them experience that world.

David Johnson & Vivian Oparah – Rye Lane

And is everything going to plan …?

Nothing ever goes to plan, but I am very grateful for where I’m at – but as you’ll know, film and television is an unpredictable world – sometimes not going to plan is a good thing!

What was the first thing you did when you found out you are part of this year’s BAFTA Breakthrough Cohort?

I found out on my birthday and wasn’t too happy about turning 34. Ugly number. It shifted my mood, big smiles.

What does it mean to be recognised by BAFTA, and what are you hoping to gain from the experience?

Means a lot. I’m hoping to meet some interesting people, particularly in the craft world especially in the sound realm, composers, music supervisors, sound designers …

Who of your peers would you recommend for next year’s BAFTA Breakthrough cohort?

I would have to list everyone that worked on Rye Lane, and that would be a long list – so I’ll do someone I don’t know but admire from afar … Caleb Femi.

Tell us about a challenging moment during your career that you had to dig deep to get through?

I struggle with anxiety and depression, it’s hard to manage sometimes, especially when things are busy. I do CBT therapy which has helped me a lot, I also don’t use Instagram as much anymore which has honestly been a game changer. I try very hard not to work on the weekends, even though my work is my hobby and my life, I need to have space from it, that has helped me a lot and I think I am a better filmmaker when I do this.

Rye Lane Premiere

What’s next?

I’m writing a Heist movie with and writing a TV show with phenomenal production teams.

How do we keep up to date with you and your work?

Well I am not on Instagram at the moment, but I might pop back in a lite way so I can watch spot popping videos and keep an eye on what Harry Styles is doing.

What are you reading, watching, listening to right now, and what’s the last thing you saw on stage?

  • I am listening to a band called Cruza who I am a bit obsessed with, I’ve been writing a lot to their music, inspiring stuff and quite cinematic.
  • I’m rewatching a lot of 90’s action movies at the moment, Crimson Tide is the latest I absolutely adore that film. I’ve also been watching The Bear which is great but mainly because of Ayo Edebiri (I’m a fangirl) and rewatching The Sopranos, this is my 8th watch of the entire series – it never gets old for me.
  • The last thing I saw on stage was the Gareth Southgate play, it was good. I need to see more stage stuff… so if
    anyone with hook ups is reading …


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