TBB Talks to … Creative all-rounder Moses Ssebandeke

Short film ‘Reflection‘ stars BAFTA Scholar Kalungi Ssebandeke.

After heartbreak Seth has no reflection. He goes out looking for an Identity but what he finds shows him that there is more in this world than the shallow personalities we dress up in every day.

Directed by Moses Ssebandeke, an all-rounder, who calls himself a comic, filmmaker and musician TBB talks caught up with this talented creative to find out more about him…

Who are you?

I’m a 27-year-old Filmmaker/Artist/Comic. I  started filmmaking in 2007. Since then I have made documentaries in Germany, Films with the BBC and short films which resulted in a full-time job with the BBC. As well as being screened on National television and screened in Hollywood LA. Working with their Visual team. In 2012 I started to perform stand up comedy and in 2014 finished an apprenticeship with BBC comedy. In 2016 I worked as an assistant producer at CBBC. In 2018 My film ‘Distance‘ won the Channel 4 values award At the REEL Challenge festival in Budapest. As a music artist, I perform under the name Mozziemutant and I’ve performed at venues such as the Roundhouse, Lyric Hammersmith and Soho theatre. I created the film collective, Lionstooth to create both innovative shorts and content

Who inspires you?

I’m inspired by multitalented creatives like Donald Glover. I like how they put their all in every discipline they do. I’m also inspired by creatives I work with closely. Like my Older Brother Kalungi Ssebandeke who wrote the play. ‘Assata Taught Me‘, and Jonell Rowe a filmmaker who made the film ‘Number 13‘.

What makes you happy?

Being able to bring a story that started in my head, to life on the screen.

What pisses you off?

People not pushing their creativity to the best of their capabilities.

What’s your earliest memory of you enjoying or being emotionally affected by something you saw on the screen?

The first time I saw a pirate DVD of Kidulthood at my friend’s house, (sorry Noel I was too young to see it in cinemas at the time).

How much influence does your heritage and where you grew up have on your work and the stories you want to tell?

I have a mixed heritage of being born in Uganda, but growing up in South London. These are my main influences. I have recently made a short film about a young student nurse trying to keep her faith in the job after losing her first patient.

What’s wrong with the world?

We don’t listen to each other enough.

What’s right with the world?

We have more chances to be heard.

If you could listen to one song, read one book, watch one thing for the rest of your life what would they be?

Tonya‘ by Brockhampton. Assata Taught Me and anything by Spike Lee

Tell us about ‘Reflection‘ …

Reflection is a film I made after a cinematographer approached me about making a film on 16mm film. Being a child of the digital age. I called myself a filmmaker but ironically I had never made a film using the medium of “Film“. Using digital technology had really spoiled me. You have the luxury of watching back footage and shooting as much as you want, but film changed the way I told the story and how I directed the film. I’m very happy how it turned out and want to continue with working with film more in the future.

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