TBB Talks to … Rapman director and writer of Blue Story

Blue Story is the feature debut for creative Rapman.

Best friends Timmy (Stephen Odubola) and Marco (Micheal Ward) go to the same high school in Peckham but live in neighbouring London boroughs. When Marco’s beaten up by one of Timmy’s primary school friends the two boys wind up on rival sides of a never-ending cycle of postcode gang war in which there are no winners … only victims.

TBB Talks caught up Rapman to get into the mind of this young British Black creative who is about to take the film industry by storm. We found out how he adapted from the success of this small-screen series Shiro’s Story to expanding the world for the big screen, and what it means to have people like Jay Z singing his praises.

Blue Story comes to UK cinemas Friday 22nd November 2019

Post Production – Lauren Rose Andrews


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