TBB Talks To … The Cast And Crew of Circus Mockumentary ‘Common Ground’

Common Ground is a satirical short film about life in the circus through the eyes of those from the Global Majority.

Brought to us by Upswing – a contemporary circus company based in London, the film commissioned by The Space Arts tells the stories of performing artists from the Global Majority and their experiences of auditioning for the only Global Majority position available in a new Circus production.

TBB spoke to the following some of the cast and crew involved in Common Ground

Athena Kugblenu Talks … Common Ground Circus Mockumentary

The live show won’t feature my character but my character in the film represents the cynical way Global Majority people are sometimes used in the creative industries; it tends to be about representing, being an ‘authentic voice‘ or in this case being a ‘face’ of a circus. It’s less often about having real competency of craft.

Read Athena’s full interview here.

Vicki Deal Amedume Talks … Common Ground Circus Mockumentary

“As a circus director I love the way we have found through the form and it’s context, a way to explore our increasing unease with how we manage diversity in the UK; using the structure of competition to explore the idea “fair play”, an idea that we cling dearly to in the UK, the idea of our fair society, even though the evidence suggested most people get neither equal outcomes or chances.”

read Vicki’s full interview here.

Afrikan Boy Talks … Common Ground Circus Mockumentary

“I agreed to be a part of the project because it presented a new challenge and gave me the opportunity to explore new soundscapes. The idea of working with a circus cast was exciting and different.”

Read Afrikan Boys full interview here.

Common Ground is available to watch on Youtube


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