TBB Talks touches hands with … Amma Asante

Amma Asante started out in front of the screen in the UK cult kids’ series Grange Hill.

Quickly realising that being an actress wasn’t her forte, Asante forged a career behind the camera. Taking up space in a position usually reserved for men, Asante is one of the very few women directors who dare to challenge the norm. As a filmmaker who refuses to toe the line of expectation of the stories she should be telling, Amma Asante’s narratives, stoke conversation, and some would say, discomfort.

With Belle (2013) and A United Kingdom (2016) under her belt, British Ghanaian Asante returns with her latest project Where Hands Touch, which tells the overlooked story of mixed children born during the Nazi regime.

What happens when teenagers mixed race Lena (Amandla Stenberg) born of an African father and German mother and German Lutz (George MacKay) a member of the Hitler Youth and the son of a high ranking SS officer fall in love?

Based on true accounts, Where Hands Touch dares to explore their journey.

Where Hands Touch is in UK cinemas from Friday 10th May.


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