#TBB10 Spills Some ‘HeSaidSheSaid’ Tea With Lateef Lovejoy

Lateef Lovejoy has been well known on the British comedy scene for a while now. Racking up credits across all the platforms from stand up to, TV, Radio, Theatre, Film and the rest he recently finished producing, writing, directing, and starring in his own original comedy sketch show, HeSaidSheSaid. 

In addition to this over the past year Lateef has generated great commercial success, first being chosen to be the Official face of the ITV Hub as the “Hubman” and also landing the role of the charismatic USwitch mascot “Coach” which has been seen on TV, all major digital platforms and has over 3million commercial views on YouTube. 

#TBB10 caught up with him to talk about his latest project…

1# How do you best describe what you do? Are you an actor, comedic actor, comedian, stand-up comedian or something else?

I would describe myself as a multi-faceted creative. Within my career to date I have worked in all areas of entertainment from TV, Film, Radio, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Stand Up, and more recently directing co-writing and producing my own comedy sketch show pilot, HeSaidSheSaid.

2# How do you keep yourself motivated in what is such a competitive and difficult industry to crack?

Well I truly believe in my own creative ability as well as a strong belief in God and I’m blessed to have a lot of solidity in terms of friends and family to keep me motivated.

3# How long have you been doing this and what’s been the biggest lesson learned along this journey?

I’ve been in the industry as a professional for 12 years and in that time, I’ve been blessed to have achieved and accomplished a lot and I’m still on my journey. One of the main lessons  learned is the importance of being humble, displaying selflessness, and having the ability to stand out from the crowd with originality. A positive attitude is so important as you never know who you will meet so their first impression of you needs to be representative of who you really are.

4# Who or what, inspired you to become getting into this career?

My early childhood influences are Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Michael Jackson and entertainers from that era were responsible for planting those seeds. The explosion of shows, Def Comedy Jam, In Living Color and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air gave me inspiration to get into comedy.

5# How much does your upbringing and heritage influence you as a person and how you navigate this industry?

My upbringing as a British Nigerian plays a very integral part of my personal representation in this industry, as it gives me a great deal of identity and a sense of belonging. It particularly plays a very important role in my stand up career as many of the routines bring the audience into my world and personal experiences.

6# Tell about us this latest project who created it, what it’s about…

My latest project is a comedy sketch show pilot called HeSaidSheSaid, co-written and co-produced by myself and costar the lovely Ione Brown from Storage Hunters UK. Essentially, HeSaidSheSaid is a contemporary sketch show inspired by other great legendary comedy sketch shows such as Saturday Night Live, In Living Color, The Real McCoy and Little Britain. Both me and Ione play various comedy characters that are authentic and hilarious.

7# What makes HeSaidSheSaid stand out from what’s already out there?

What is going to make HeSaidSheSaid standout is, as well as it being strong both in its originality and comedic value it is also a show the UK has been longing for, for a while as there isn’t much urban representation of comedy on mainstream TV. It has the potential and mainstream appeal for a mass audience. It’s like a UK version of, Key and Peele.

8# Has the comedy world changed from when you began to now? Especially with the accessibility of camera phones and YouTube / Facebook accounts anyone can, and is calling themselves a comedian these days, what’s your take on it?

Comedy is a very accessible medium now regarding creating content and showcasing material on social media platforms and the quality of cameras and technology is so advanced now it encourages creativity. Comedy however, falls into quite a lot of sub categories as stand up is different to sketch comedy, parody comedy, and comedy acting so a comedian for me is someone who performs stand-up and shouldn’t be confused with comedy acting, parodies, or sketch comedy although most good stand up comedians would have the ability to excel in those areas respectively.

9# When will HeSaidSheSaid be available and where can people watch it, and what’s next for you?

Due to it being a pilot show, at the moment we are in the process of getting a development deal with a credible production company. People are already very excited about the project so we will be posting videos of the sketches online via all the social media platforms to build the popularity of the show and by God’s grace towards the latter part of the year plan to produce a series that will be pitched to all the major television networks such as the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Comedy Central UK and a host of others so watch this space.

10# Tell us a time when you got caught up in some HeSaidSheSaid mix up business… spill all the tea!?

I tend to keep all my businesses private! Lol people talk to damn much! Lol!



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