#TBB10 With Cherri V Discussing Music, Survival & Being Allowed to Be…

Having known Cherri V, for a few years now, what I absolutely love about this British Black Soul/R&B singer is her strength and tenacity to endure in an industry which isn’t kind.

With R&B / Soul music taking a hit in the mainstream, with the music becoming more explicit to keep up with Hip Hop’s dominance. With the sound being warped into a mix of dance, pop, hip hop beats taking it further and further away from its blues, gospel, jazz roots. If we look at the UK, it’s been a long time that a soul singer, especially female, has been able to dominate the charts, since, since Sade, Mica Paris? Jamelia? Corrine Bailey Rae? We can’t overlook the dominance of the originally black music by white artists such as Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Adele, Ed Sheeran etc. etc. People and labels don’t seem to want to hear black people singing our own music…

But here we have Ms Cherri V. Mrs actually… who talks about her latest track Leave Me BE, taken from her new album Brown Eyed Soul. She also discusses how she’s able to stay true to who she is in the face of being told she doesn’t fit the model of what a soul singer should look like and act…

The video for Cherri’s track Leave Me Be will be released today Friday 7th July at 6pm.

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