#TBB10 With Chizzy Akudolu – Discussing Her Inspiring Time As Much Loved Holby City Character, Mo Effanga!

Chizzy Akudolu has been a regular on British screens since 2012 in Holby City.

Akudolu differs from the numerous black  actors who have passed through Holby’s main entrance, and that’s because her character Maureen “Mo” Effanga who first appeared in 2012 as a surgical registrar, ended up promoted to consultant cardiothoracic and transplant surgeon! She managed to portray a level of professional that only a handful of black actors have done.

For reference, Hugh Quarshie (now the longest-serving cast member) has played consultant general surgeon Ric Griffin since 2001. Sharon D Clarke played his ex-wife Lola Griffin who became a critical care consultant (2005-08). Don Gilet played consultant anaesthetist Jesse Law from 2014-16, and as of June 6th, David Ajao is Foundation Year 1 doctor, Damon Ford. Most black actors who pass through the hospital doors do so as patients or nurses. These five including Akudolu represent the few who have managed to move the story on for us.

So, it was with bittersweet emotions that we jumped at the chance to interview Ms Akudolu, just as she was bowing out of the much loved series.

Take a listen as #TBB10’s DescantDeb, spends an enjoyable half hour with this humble actress who is of historical significance, discussing how she got started in the acting/comedienne game; just what Mo has meant to her; how she can do the splits AND the Moonwalk, and what’s next for her as a creative with broadened horizons…

Keep up with Chizzy Akudolu here.


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