#TBBreviews – Chewing Gum Episode 4

So, Chewing is Gum is now halfway through its second series and this week’s episode ‘Orlando’ Tracey (Michaela Coel) continues her ‘friendship’ with Connor (Robert Lonsdale) and attends a meal with him and his new girlfriend Emma (Sinead Matthews), as the tense conversation progresses, it’s clear Tracey is never going to get along with Emma which begs the question, why put yourself through this?

The show finally addressed what happened after the wedding day between Cynthia (Susie Wokoma) and Ronald (John Macmillan) where he announced he was gay and destroyed the marquee. Cynthia finds out that he has been attending an alternative religious group called ‘God Rocks!!!’ and in an attempt to get answers and closure she turns up at one of their meetings. Unfortunately, Ronald’s personality has not improved since series 1. He blatantly dismisses her feelings and shows no remorse whatsoever. To add insult to injury he disrespects her, including kissing another man in front of her and calling her a gorilla!

This week saw Candice’s nan, Esther (Maggie Steed) getting help from Candice (Danielle Walters) and Ola (Olisa Odele) to prepare for a blind date after Mandy (Tanya Franks) set up an online dating profile for her. In this case, it literally was a blind date as it was revealed her love interest couldn’t see. This, however, worked in her favour as it enabled her to let go of any insecurities about her looks and the two enjoyed their night out and hit it off!

No episode would be complete without Tracey ending up in a peculiar situation. This week she secures a job ‘dog sitting’. She grows fondly of one of her client’s dog’s  named Orlando. Mandy can’t help wonder why the dog looks so familiar. The owner, a photographer soon gets Tracey taking raunchy pictures before it’s revealed what Orlando is famous for!

Stayed tuned for next week’s Chewing Gum review.

Chewing Gum airs, on E4 Thursdays at 10pm. Watch catch episodes here.


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