TBB’s Music Rundown – Anaïs; Reggie ‘n’ Bollie; Big Tobz; Mist; Josh Kai

Anaïs – Nina

So this song is nothing less than amazing its so authentic so reminiscent of a time where music was at its purest form, a true ode to Nina Simone. If you haven’t heard of Anaïs is about time you did.

The video is directed by photographer Campbell Addy and is inspired by Nina Simone’s spirit and art and was shot in Senegal.

Keep an eye out for Anaïs’ EP Before Zero to be released in March.

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Reggie ‘n’ Bollie ft Beenie Man – On The Floor

There ain’t nothing better than when Afro beats meet bashment (well apart from when it meets Grime) and this statement couldn’t be any truer than when speaking about this collab.

Although its more on the feel-good commercial side it doesn’t take away from the fact that the song is catchy and a warm start to the new year for Reggie ‘n’ Bollie, especially when you have been cosigned by a legend such as Beenie Man.

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Big Tobz ft. Don E – No Stress (No Wahala)

Riding on the back of the popularity of his previous single One Night Only the artists latest record sees him join forces with Don E on yet another vibezy (if that’s a word) club song.

If you haven’t already, check out #StillWinning the documentary that follows the artist over a 3 month period giving you a look into his life and career so far. His EP is available now.

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Mist – Game Changer

There is no doubt Mist always comes through with the visuals they are always epic and this is no different. Shot in beautiful Kenya we see the artist living it up on the coast in a mansion. The video opens with a man seemingly finding a diamond in the dirt and a young boy knocking him over the head and stealing it from him at the end we see the boy hand the stone over to Mist which seems to set the narrative and for what’s to come in the shape of his EP.

Produced by the artist himself alongside Steel Banglez this is a taster from his anticipated EP Diamond in the Dirt which is out 9th February.

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Josh Kai – Monster

I must salute this young man who has chosen to release music that means more than just the partying, girls and making money that the culture is all about right now.

He wants to speak for the inner thoughts of his peers and the real struggles that our young men and women are going through on a daily basis. He does just that in Monster the first single from his forthcoming EP, The Awkward Boy which will be released later this month.

Check it out and support a young man who is trying to spread awareness with his music.



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