TBB’s Recommended reads for November

From tips for starting your own business to pondering life’s big questions around purpose and destiny, this month’s recommended reads have it.

Peaces by Helen Oyeyemi

Otto and Xavier Shin embark on a mysterious train journey that takes them far beyond any destination they could have anticipated.

As they continue their journey they discover each carriage is more curious and fascinating than the last and soon become embroiled in this strange train and its intrigue. Who is Ava Kapoor, the sole full-time inhabitant of the train, and what is her relationship to a man named Prem? Are they passengers or prisoners? And who orchestrated this journey, hurtling them all into their pasts for clues?

Promising review:
‘Oyeyemi’s writing is gorgeous and resonant and fresh.’ – New York Times Book Review

Black British Lives Matter: A Clarion Call for Equality by Lenny Henry and Marcus Ryder

A collection of essays commissioned by Lenny Henry and Marcus Ryder to discuss why and how we need to fight for Black lives to matter – not just for Black people but for society as a whole.

Featuring essays from David Olusoga, Dawn Butler MP, Kit de Waal, Kwame Kwei-Armah, and many more, Black British Lives Matter explains why Black lives should be celebrated when too often they are undervalued. Drawing from personal experience, they stress how Black British people have unique experiences and perspectives that enrich British society and the world; that Black lives are far more interesting and important than the forces that try to limit it.

The Selfless Act of Breathing by JJ Bola

The Selfless Act of Breathing is a heart-wrenching and deeply emotional novel about mental health, masculinity and the power of love.

Michael Kabongo is a British-Congolese teacher living in London on the cusp of two identities. On paper, he seems to have it all, but behind closed doors, he’s been struggling with the overwhelming sense that he can’t improve the injustices he sees – from his efforts to change the lives of his students, to his attempts to transcend the violence that marginalises young Black men around the world.

After suffering a devastating loss, Michael decides to start life anew in America, the mythical ‘land of the free,’ where he imagines everything will be better, easier. There he will follow his dreams until the money in his bank account runs out, and then he will decide if his life is truly worth living…

Promising reviews:
‘A bold work with a broad scope, bravely tackling masculinity, hopelessness and despair with force and directness.‘ Okechukwu Nzelu

A beautiful, absorbing read. By turns searing and quietly devastating.’ Irenosen Okojie

Purpose: Find Your Truth and Embrace Your Calling by Jessica Huie

In Purpose, Jessica Huie shares the lessons she learned as she went from being an individual who felt purposeless and unhappy, to someone who recognises her complete power to design and create a successful, meaningful and limitless life built from an authentic foundation.

In this new edition of this inspirational, life-changing book – now with five new chapters – Jessica shares how to create a life under-pinned by purpose, no matter where you are starting from. She reflects on society’s collective awakening brought about by the pandemic and her own call to freedom and move to the island of Jamaica – her father’s native country – with her eight-year-old son. She encourages us all to challenge the ideologies that we hold around success and choose a new way of living that truly resonates with our soul.

Promising reviews:
Jessica’s raw and honest style of writing about her struggles and spiritual journey is gripping, relatable and moving. With each chapter, she provides a thought-provoking message that helps you move forward on your own journey of self-discovery” – Grammy-award winning artist Estelle

There are good books and there are great books. The great one’s leave you a little changed, a little different. They even have the power to make you a better person. Jessica Huie’s book did just that for me…”– Rachel Pendered, Award winning Founder Media Zoo

The Business Survival Kit by Bianca Miller-Cole and Byron Cole

Starting a business isn’t easy. In fact, it can be scary, exhausting and demoralising. When it finally takes off, even though you’re fulfilling a lifelong dream, it can be a struggle to keep up with the rest of your life. How can you cope with the inevitable stresses and strains along the way?

In The Business Survival Kit, serial entrepreneurs Byron Cole and Bianca Miller-Cole provide straight-talking advice and insights to help answer the fundamental question of whether you can handle being an entrepreneur, as well as help navigate the inevitable ups and many downs that go hand in hand with starting your own business.

Promising reviews:
“With straightforward, heart-felt advice, The Business Survival Kit guides you to a thriving business while nurturing your humanity” – Marie Forleo, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Everything is Figureoutable

This book will help you make clearer, smarter, braver decisions in all areas of your life” – Emma Gannon, author of The Multi-Hyphen Method


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