#TBBwatch New trailer for Atlanta Season 2 aka “Robbin’ season”

We haven’t had an air date yet for the UK, season 2 of Alanta otherwise called “Robbin’ season” will air in the states March 1st.

As the title alludes, “Robbin’ season” refers to… robbery. Speaking at the Television Critics Association panel, Pasadena recently Stephen Glover, Atlanta’s exec-producer, writer and Donald Glover’s brother said that the title is an Altanta-ism used to describe the Christmas period where home robberies increase.

He said, “People have gifts, have more stuff, and money… You might get your package stolen off your front porch. While we were there, my neighbor got her car stolen from her driveway. It’s a very tense and desperate time. Our characters are in a desperate transition from their old lives to where they’re headed now. And robbin’ season is a metaphor to where we are now.”

Donald went on to say, “Are you gonna eat or are you gonna be eaten?” Donald Glover explained. “I think that’s something people don’t realize. Black people have to make a choice. That choice defines who you are. It’s hard.”

Makes sense.

Not much else has been revealed, but we’re all very excited to see how Paperboy, Darius, and Earnest manage their not so together lives.

As soon as we get the UK dates we’ll let you know. For now, watch the trailer.


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