Thandie Newton is Still Most Definitely in Han Solo Movie! (Phew!!!) 

After TBB’s @descantdeb [1] reported that black actresses TessaThompsonNaomiScott and ZoeKravitz were being considered for female lead in the upcoming Han Solo movie… Only to be edged out by Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.

We sighed, rolled our eyes and settled to rejoice that Atlanta creator Donald Glover will definitely play the young Lando CalrissianThe Wire star Michael K. Williams had a role and even more joy, British actress Thandie Newton had an undisclosed role!

The movie which focuses on Han’s pre Star Wars life has been fraught with issues after original co directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were fired and replaced with Ron Howard… Now things appear to be back on track with Howard still filming reshoots (filming began back in June ?).

However M.K.Williams apparently wasn’t available for the 2nd wave of shoots so his character has been cut out ??? Thank goodness for Howard’s recent Tweet thanking Newton for her time in between shooting season 2 of Westworld!!! Confirming she’s definitely still involved… We still frustratingly don’t know who she’s playing yet ?

The untitled Han Solo project is set to be released 25/05/2018


[1] – Han Solo Spin-Off Directors Quit, The Promised Women Of Colour Disappear & The Daily Express Can’t Tell Glover And Ejiofor Apart!:


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