The Passion of Lady Vendredi – 65% Out Of 100

The Passion of Lady Vendredi is a performance that cannot be explained, but experienced and it truly is a unique, bizarre experience!

From the start you are literally immersed into the action; surrounded by drumming, dancing, rituals and flashing lights, which creates the perfect ambiance for the act. If you are expecting a traditional sit and down view performance this show is definitely not for you as your participation is expected.

Lady Vendredi is advertised as “a mythopoetic super-heroine and voodoo priestess popstar” played by Nwamdo Ebizie.

The eclectic fusion of spirituality and futurism delivers an engaging, sometimes confusing, yet thought-provoking performance. The Passion of Lady Vendredi explores issues including self-image, female empowerment and healing. The narrative starts strong but in my opinion somewhat gets lost within the dramatic wacky display. The production is executed exceptionally well with a strong cast providing a continuous high-energy performance with rhythmic singing and dancing throughout.

However, it does contain adult scenes and addresses themes which some may find offensive.

Words to the wise leave your inhibitions at the door!

The MAS Productions and nitroBEAT in association with Soho Theatre production of The Passion of Lady Vendredi runs from Tue 12 – Sat 30 Apr 2016. To book tickets to go to the Soho Theatre website.



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