‘Third Act’ adds CJ Beckford & Michael Akinsulire to cast

CJ Beckford and Michael Akinsulire will join Ashley Bannerman, Gia Ré and Stephanie Levi-John in digital drama series ‘Third Act’.

From the creators of How Did We Get Here? and writer/DP duo of Brothers With No Game, Leon Mayne & Olan Collardy. Layered in hidden messages, Third Act tells the story of three friends as they embark on a new venture in podcasting. A humble setting for conversation quickly yields tension-filled exchanges between the friends, opening up a sequence of events that reveal secrets in their respective relationships.

Beckford will play Shaun, a junior agent at a boutique talent agency representing Rose (Gia Re). Akinsulire plays Joshua, digital marketer at the same boutique talent agency and boyfriend of Sidney (Ashley Bannerman)/ This will be Akinsulire’s second time working with Collardy, having recently wrapped filming on a Random Acts short for Channel 4.

Principle Photography for Third Act has begun.


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