TriForce Short Film Festival & Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE present: Pitch it!

The Pitch! competition will be looking for filmmakers to pitch an idea for a short film.

TriForce Short Film Festival have teamed up with London based financier, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE to give UK based filmmakers the opportunity to win funding for their next project.

Finalists will get to pitch live to Allesch-Taylor’s team at the TriForce Short Film Festival on Saturday 1st December at BAFTA. Successful filmmakers will have one year to finish their film.

How Much Can You Apply For?

You can apply for between £1000 and £10,000 for a project. We are looking for a range of different budget options, so don’t just automatically ask for the largest amount. You might just need an extra £1000 to finish the edit on a film you’ve already produced, and you can apply for that too.

What Are We Looking For?

We’re looking for ideas for short films (by which we mean less than 20 minutes long). Feature film ideas are not eligible.

We’re looking for filmmakers with an entrepreneurial mindset. We’re keen to support filmmakers who’ve been proactive and already got some funding in place, so if you’ve managed to secure some other funds through crowdfunding, public funding or in other ways, that will be a point in your favour. However, we won’t rule out fully funding films if we think they’re great.

We’re looking for films that stand out and have the potential to be really successful. There are so many short films produced every year, think about how your idea will stand out in the market. Do you have amazing on screen talent attached? Is it a really original idea?

We’re looking for filmmakers with great ideas. This isn’t a writing competition. You’ll have one year to complete the film, so we need to know you have a producer on board who can make that happen. It’s OK if you haven’t produced before, but you can’t enter a script as a writer without understanding what you will need to make this film happen.

What is the Process?

After submissions close on 2nd November, TriForce Creative Network and Stefan Allesch-Taylor’s team will shortlist the projects and select a group of finalists to present a live pitch at the TriForce Short Film Festival on Saturday 1st December at BAFTA in London.

It is essential you are able to attend the live pitch, where you will have just 4 minutes to present your idea and make a bid for the funding you need.

The successful filmmakers will be informed on the day. They’ll then meet with Stefan Allesch-Taylor and his team in early 2019 to agree a schedule for their film. They must have completed their film by 31st December 2019.

What do I need to Submit?

Filmmakers will be asked to submit:

  • A pitch document outlining the idea for the film
  • A draft script (if available)
  • A budget
  • Details of any other funding already secured
  • Details of requested funding and what it would cover
  • Details of any confirmed on screen talent, creatives and crew
  • Details of previous producing experience
  • You will be informed by late November if you have made it through to the live pitching event at TriForce Short Film Festival.

Deadline for submissions November 2nd 2018. Find out more and apply here.


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