Casting Call For New Hip Hop Film Short ‘Hip Hop Cafe’ ***Male Actor 50+ Needed***

Hip Hop Cafe is set in a New York style delicatessen in East London. It’s an ensemble slice of life that intercuts between three separate character groups at different tables. There’s Jack and his ex Jenny, who he’s clearly cheated on and is trying to win back. There’s Marge and Bonita, two elderly ladies who become increasingly drunk and attracted to the young waiter, and Hove the eternally grumpy owner and his staff.

Will Jack win Jenny back? Will the drunken Marge get lucky with the waiter? Will Hove ever smile? The unique and original thing about Hip Hop Cafe as a film, is that all of these slice of life moments are told with the characters speaking the lyrics of Golden Age Hip Hop tracks as the dialogue.

Music fans, especially Hip Hop fans, will enjoy a piece breathing new life into a great time for music.


Hip Hop Cafe is being made out of passion and love for the culture and has been completely self-financed by Robbie Samuels, the director. Out of love for the music and the idea, key people from the Hurt Locker and Rogue One in production, and Time Based Arts and Unit post production are all on board.


Robbie Samuels is an award winning black filmmaker, screenwriter and published author. He was featured in the Desperate Housewives issue of Vanity Fair and flown to New York by Kevin Spacey to be 1/12 international Finalists at the Triggerstreet Budweiser Discovery Award. As well as Hip Hop Cafe, he is currently writing his debut feature, The Bronze Bull, which will be the first release by his company Superrocketman.


Hove – Ideally aged 50+ is the grumpy owner of the Hip Hop Cafe. Ideally Black, Asian or Middle Eastern. Able possibly to do comedy but stern of face. Hove is a man who is tired of life and bitter. He has a face and body that show the whole of life’s journey on it. The pain and the sorrow. But in an instant can break into a smile with child like wonder. Lighting up the room. Infectious. But can snap back in an instant. To teeth grinding annoyance. Almost like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.


Email:  headshots, cv and contact details to

Further information will be supplied upon request.


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