Veteran Trini-Brit Actress Corinne Skinner-Carter Leads Diverse Voices in BBC 4’s Hear Her Season

BBC FOUR will be showing a series of eight 15 minute short stories entitled Snatches: Moments From 100 Years Of Women’s Lives as a central part of BBC’s Hear Her season, which will mark the anniversary of women’s suffrage as part of the celebration of 100 years of  some women gaining the vote in the UK.

Curated by Royal Court Artistic Director, Vicky Featherstone, in association with the Royal Court Theatre, the 15 minute monologues are inspired by women who have spoken out, challenged the status quo or made a stand – often at great personal cost.

The eight films are written by some of the UK’s most celebrated and emerging writers: Alfred Fagon award winners Rachel De-Lahay (2010,  The Westbridge), Theresa Ikoko (2015, Girls) ,  Charlene James (2016, Cuttin’ It), Vicky Jones, and Tanika Gupta (Lions and Tigers).

Its not often we see older black women on TV, but we will have the pleasure of veteran Trinidadian-British actress Corinne Skinner-Carter, who started as a dancer in Cleopatra (1963), A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966) and Blaxploitation Bond movie Live and Let Die (1973), and graduated to such culturally significant roles in Horace Ové’s Pressure (1975), Empire Road (BBC, 1978–79), and onward to Menelik Shabazz’s Burning An Illusion, 1981, Babymother, 1998, Eastenders (2000-01). Her memoir, Why Not Me? From Trinidad to Albert Square Via Empire Road (written with Z. Nia Reynolds), was published in 2011.

Skinner-Carter will be performing the second monologue, Theresa Ikoko’s Outside: a 90 year old Caribbean woman living in the UK, telling of her life and struggles to her young grand-daughter.

Monologue 6 is Pritilata, witten by Tanika Gupta featuring Kiran Sonia Sawar. Inspired by the story of Pritillata Waddedar, who campaigned for Bengali women to get the vote in 1930’s Colonial India.

Monologue 7 is Reclaim The Night, written by Charlene James, featuring Liv Hill,  capturing a moment in the experience of a 19 year old woman in Leeds in 1977.

Monologue 8 is Tipping Point, written by Rachel De-Lahay, featuring Antonia Thomas (Misfits, The Good Doctor, Lovesick). Set in 2028 and the 100th anniversary of all women in the UK gaining the vote, what will the situation be for women?

Snatches: Moments From 100 Years Of Women’s Lives, begins on Monday 18th and runs until 21 June 2018

10pm on BBC 4.


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