Watch Short Film ‘7 Questions to My 107 Year Old Grandmother’ by Hannah Ajala

TBB last spoke to Broadcaster Hannah Ajala about her Black Lives Matter short documentary [Read interview here]. Now she has made a short film about speaking with her grandma. In her own words Hannah describes the inspiration behind the project…

Hannah: I first met Mama, my grandmother, at the little age of 7 months when embarking on my first plane trip to Nigeria with my family, where my parents are originally from.

Growing up, my grandmother has always been in the picture each time I visit Nigeria; she’s honestly been a second mum as well as being my mum’s mum. She even came to live with my family in the UK for a few months, which was also an eye opening experience.

As I reached early adulthood, I grew more of a fascination and deeper respect for my grandmother. The fact that she is still completely independent, uses no mobility, has perfect hearing and vision, and is in her hundreds, astounds me! I believe she has a story that needs to be told to everyone.

I flew to Nigeria in February for self discovery by speaking to one of the most influential women I am lucky enough to know.

This is for everyone. Young, old, whichever background, race, and religion; Mama talks to us about life and love! Something we all have an opinion on.

Anyone who has ever questioned what really matters in life should watch this. Being able to hear from someone who has seen so much in one of the world’s most populist countries is definitely worth hearing from.

Meet one of my biggest role models with a very important outlook on life, as I ask 7 questions to my 107-year-old grandma.



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