Watch short film ‘Future First’ – Black Women, Cornrows & Cultural Appropriation

Future First is an artistic interpretation of a black girls response to cornrows being renamed as ‘boxer braids’.

The anchor point of the film is cultural appropriation but it expands much wider than that – it isn’t about taking a stance as a victim, it is about reclaiming our place and not being afraid to take up space.

Moments in the film reflect the resilience that is built in black girls from the day they are born – as they must learn to grow in a system that was built to destroy them. Other moments reflect a softness, a sisterhood, and a sensualness.

There is an overwhelming sense of sisterhood, one that expels the idea that women must compete with one another, or the idea that only one woman can win at a time. Instead, the film sees the girls come together, as a unified front, walking fearlessly towards a future that belongs to them.

Future First is brought to us by LAMBB a collective of creative individuals who have come together to redefine images of people of colour in media.



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