WE ARE PARABLE, the award winning film exhibition company, today announced the programme for EXPERIENCE OVER EVERYTHING, a celebratory four day industry takeover, commemorating 10 years since the organisation was formed, designed to provide opportunities for audiences around the world to experience Black Cinema. 

The event will take place at Brixton House from 30 March – 2 April, in partnership with Netflix, the National Film and Television School (NFTS), MUBI, The British Blacklist and TimeOut. The four days will include a curated series of screenings, talks, performances, networking sessions and exclusive previews prompting conversations around the cultural and commercial impact We Are Parable have had on the film exhibition industry. 

Tickets are on sale now for just £6 per event (or £10 for a day pass). A selection of short films will be presented with closed captions. The four day takeover will begin with an INDUSTRY EVENING on Thursday 30 March. An opening night reception for industry peers and stakeholders, this will be a chance to meet, network and celebrate We Are Parable’s ten years in the film industry and exhibition. We Are Parable’s co-founders, Anthony and Teanne Andrews, will begin the evening with opening remarks and the importance of We Are Parable’s tenth anniversary; what ‘Experience over Everything’ means; and supporting Black creatives both in the UK and internationally.

Opening keynote presentations will be given by special guests from the UK film industry, soon to be announced. 

We Are Parable at their event, An Evening of Purpose, May 2022, as part of their creative residency at the Barbican.

MOMENTUM DAY will follow on Friday 31 March, highlighting the work of Black British filmmakers who have participated in We Are Parable’s mentoring scheme ‘Momentum’, which was founded in 2020. The Film & TV Charity, Channel 4 and 4Skills have supported the Momentum scheme over the last three years, helping 80 Black creatives in both film and television across six cities (London, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and Leeds) with mentoring sessions, masterclasses, mental health workshops and opportunities to screen their work.

To celebrate the success of Momentum, there will be a series of short film screenings featuring work by Momentum alumni filmmakers, as well as conversations with the filmmakers and senior representatives from NFTS, Channel 4 and Film & TV Charity, giving the audience a unique opportunity to hear first hand about the impact of Momentum. We Are Parable are also pleased to announce that in partnership with Netflix, there will be an exclusive preview screening of Top Boy (Season Five) featuring live Q&As with talent and the creative team. Networking drinks will take place at the end of the day’s programme, sponsored by Channel 4, alongside a DJ set from Brixton based The Handson Family. 

The third day of the takeover,  INTERNATIONAL DAY,  will take place on Saturday 1 April, a day themed on We Are Parable’s global reach and the international projects they have worked on, including The Shot List (Jamaica) co-curated with British Council and JAFTA (Jamaica Film & Television Association) and Love Letters to Cinema (Kenya) co-curated with filmmaker Wanjeri Gakuru and Manyatta Screenings. We Are Parable’s international scope and passion for connecting creative communities across the world will be highlighted through a series of short film screenings, showcasing the work of filmmakers who participated in both The Shot List and Love Letters to Cinema. This will be followed by a special ‘In Conversation’ Q&A session with the filmmakers and Manyatta Screenings, We Are Parable’s film exhibition and curation partner from Kenya. 

INTERNATIONAL DAY will be hosted by resident cultural curator and programmer, Carmen Thompson. To honour the global theme and cultures represented on this day,  there will be food and beverages provided by local businesses of Caribbean and East African origin, as well as music.

EXPERIENCE OVER EVERYTHING is the final day on Sunday 2 April, the title summing up what lies at the core of We Are Parable’s ethos – experience over everything. True to their award-winning reputation and in celebration of the last ten years, the last day of the takeover will be jam-packed with surprise screenings and live Q&As, allowing audiences the chance to meet and have open discussions whilst immersed in the experience, surrounded by live music, exclusive performances, finishing with a special drinks reception and party for guests and partners.

Throughout EXPERIENCE OVER EVERYTHING, there will also be a special exhibition curated by We Are Parable located in the ‘Nook’ at Brixton House; a visual timeline documenting a decade of immersive cinematic experiences and film industry initiatives, celebrating We Are Parable’s achievements and the best of Black cinema and the work of Black filmmakers across the UK and beyond.

We Are Parable in Jamaica, April 2022 for The Shot List, their collaborative event with the British Council and JAFTA

We Are Parable was founded ten years ago by husband-and-wife East London duo, Anthony and Teanne Andrews. In 2013, they realised that they both loved the Eddie Murphy film Coming To America, but had never seen it on the big screen. So, they decided to host a screening of the film at their local cinema, but in such a way that showed that they really were fans of the film; they dressed rose bearers, there were stage managing poets, there were dancers and over 300 audience members, which resulted in their first ever sold-out immersive screening.

Little did they know that this was the start of an award-winning business. A few years later in 2017, they put on a Spike is 60 festival in honour of Spike Lee’s filmography. Word got out about the festival, and Spike Lee personally contacted We Are Parable himself, asking to be a part of the celebration. News of his visit led to a sold-out screening and queues all the way up the street and around the corner from Picturehouse Central. Spike Lee stuck around after the event, signing each and every piece of memorabilia from those who waited. This event put We Are Parable on the map.

A year later, the British Film Institute asked to partner with We Are Parable on the first ever public screening of Black Panther. This culminated in a sold-out cinematic, raw and immersive experience, cementing their name as leaders of Black film exhibition in the UK. Since then, We Are Parable have gone on to acquire numerous accolades  from Film London and TimeOut, to name a few,  tirelessly working on exclusive releases in partnership with leading film organisations and film distributors, creating more immersive experiences and launching new film initiatives (such as Momentum and The Shot List) that support and champion the work of Black Film & TV makers around the world.

Anthony Andrews, Creative Director at We Are Parable, said:
We see EXPERIENCE OVER EVERYTHING as an opportunity to not only look back over and celebrate some of our work, but also use it as a chance to talk about the next few years and what we intend to achieve.

Teanne Andrews, Director of Operations at We Are Parable, said: 
We’ve been fortunate to be involved in some great initiatives. Our takeover of Brixton House will give everyone a chance to see how everything we do is linked back to experience – whether that’s the experience of the audience or indeed the filmmaker trying to get their work made in a challenging industry.” 

Delia Barker, Managing Director at Brixton House, said:
We Are Parable’s commitment and passion for placing Black film creatives and audiences at the centre of cinematic experience is exceptional and Brixton House is proud to partner to host the celebration of a decade of their exceptional work that has shifted the landscape for Black film audiences“. 

We Are Parable’s Experience Over Everything 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations takes place at Brixton House from 30 March – 2nd April.

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