What To Watch On Stage December 2022

The festive season has officially begun!

So, of course, this month’s theatre selection had to feature a healthy portion of pantomimes – a particular shout out to Brixton House’s Alice in Wonderland and the Lyric Hammersmith’s Jack and the Beanstalk. But, if shouting “he’s behind you!” isn’t really your jam, make sure to catch the Royal Court’s One Night Stands or Yasmin Joseph’s Christmas in the Sunshine at the Unicorn Theatre…

Alice in Wonderland by Jack Bradfield

After an explosive argument with Mum at a Victoria line station, eleven-year-old Alice leaps onto the tube seconds before the doors hiss shut. Trapped on a train speeding into Nonsense, surrounded by weird and wonderful passengers, and at the mercy of a Queen who won’t relinquish the controls, can Alice turn this train around? Multi-award-winning company Poltergeist weaves rap music together with the sights and sounds of Brixton into a hundred-mile-an-hour Christmas adventure. This alternative family Christmas show is created by Poltergeist.

Alice in Wonderland plays at Brixton House from Thursday 1st – Saturday 31st December.

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Jack and the Beanstalk by Jude Christian and Sonia Jalaly

Join Jack and the gang for a climb of a lifetime as they battle giants and thorny baddies in hopes of bringing ‘glory glory’ back to Hammersmith. Expect beanstalk climbing, giant defeating, golden egg laying, extreme skateboarding, milk explosions, singing cows, some absolutely outrageous outfits and of course Beyoncé! Starring Leah St Luce as Jack, Emmanuel Akwafo as Dame Trott and Jamal Franklin and Toyan Thomas-Browne as Ensemble.

Jack and the Beanstalk will be playing at the Lyric Hammersmith from Saturday 19th November – Saturday 7th January.

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Scroogelicious by Geoff Aymer

A big-hearted production based on Charles Dickens’s immortal classic A Christmas Carol, written by Geoffrey Aymer (script and lyrics) and Jordan Xavier (music). Feel-good, funny and full of joy, this cracker of a production immerses the community in this uplifting Christmas tale. Theatre Peckham’s Scroogelicious fills the auditorium with music, mischief and merriment.

Scroogelicious will be playing at Theatre Peckham from Thursday 1st – Friday 23rd December.

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Christmas in the Sunshine by Yasmin Joseph

This Christmas Elias is going to visit his family in the Caribbean for the first time. He gets to go to the beach, play in the sunshine, and there’ll be a big party. It’s going to be the best. But he has one worry – will it still feel like Christmas? After all, in London it’s usually really cold, he gets to decorate the Christmas tree and drinks lots of hot chocolate. He’s definitely never left a mango out for Santa before. Head to the Unicorn Theatre for this joyful, warm and festive story of celebrating Christmas and family, wherever you are.

Christmas in the Sunshine will be playing at the Unicorn Theatre from Thursday 17th November – Saturday 31st December.

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Cinderella by Leo Butler

Each year, Theatre Royal Stratford East puts on a panto that tears up the rulebook and turns a classic story on its head to make it relevant to their local community and beyond. Get ready to experience Stratford East’s unique twist on this classic tale, set in the ancient home of Sphynx cats, pharaohs and empress Cleopatra. This year’s panto will feature all the right ingredients. You can expect our much-loved mix of show-stopping original music and laugh-out-loud comedy, alongside magical sets and costumes in this perfect festive treat for all ages.

Cinderella will be playing at Theatre Royal Stratford East from Saturday 19th November-Saturday 7th January.

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Hex by Tanya Ronder

Deep in the wood, a lonely fairy longs for someone to bless. When she is summoned to the palace to help the princess sleep, her dream turns into a nightmare and her blessing becomes a curse. Soon, she is plunged into a frantic, hundred-year quest to somehow make everything right. Starring Michael Elcock, Victoria Hamilton-Barritt, Kalisha Johnson and Kody Mortimer.

Hex will be playing at the National Theatre until Saturday 14th January.

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The Further Adventures of Peter Pan – The Return of Captain Hook

After defeating the evil Captain Hook and his crew of prancing pirates, life has been pretty perfect for Peter Pan. But when a stranger arrives in Neverland, he is forced to question his past and face his future. Will Peter ever grow up? And then there are the rumours … That a certain someone survived the stormy seas and is seeking revenge! Have you heard them too? People are saying … that Hook is back! So watch out … he might be behind you! Starring Gemma Hunt as Tinker Bell.

The Further Adventures of Peter Pan – The Return of Captain Hook will be playing at Fairfield Halls from Saturday 10th-Saturday 31st December.

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Royal Court One Night Stands

A series of one-off performances from some familiar faces. Just for fun. Mutually fulfilling. No strings attached. Highlights include One Night Stand with… Inua Ellams, who brings Search Party, his chaotic audience-led poetry event, to the Jerwood Theatre Upstairs. Make sure to also catch One Night Stand with… Yomi Ṣode, who will explore his First Five, read from his debut poetry collection Manorism and invite audiences on stage to share their own First Fives. And finally, join One Night Stand with… Jade Anouka and Grace Savage for a night of queer Joy as they take you on a musical and lyrical journey through heartbreak and love; an experimental mash-up of ideas and songs told through poetry and beatboxing. 

One Night Stand with… Inua Ellams plays on Thursday 8th December. One Night Stand with… Yomi Ṣode plays on Saturday 10th December. One Night Stand with… Jade Anouka and Grace Savage plays on Friday 16th December.

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Little Red Robin Hood

DISASTER! The wicked Sheriff of Nottingham has captured the famous outlaw Robin Hood! Who is going to stand up for the people now? Surely not a tiny girl in a red riding hood? Sometimes the true hero is the person you least expect, as Red Riding Hood heads into the forest to defeat the Sheriff, find her Grandma and discover her destiny. Featuring a brand new superstar cast and a host of exciting surprises, the team at Battersea Arts Centre aim to put an arrow in your bow, a song in your heart and a smile on your face – it’s an unmissable Christmas treat for all the family!

Little Red Robin Hood plays at Battersea Arts Centre from Tuesday 6th December – Sunday 8th January.

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