What to Watch w/c 21st February

Such great picks for the upcoming week – keep an eye out for Dating’s Dangerous

Secrets with Linda Adey. Enjoy!

Race: Bubba Wallace – Tuesday 22nd February | Netflix

Discover the story of professional NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace in this must-see 6-
part docuseries, retracing his rise to the elite ranks as the only full-time Black driver
and the turbulent aftermath that followed when he spoke out about racial injustice.

We Are Black & British – Wednesday 23rd February 9pm | BBC Two

Six black Britons of different ages and backgrounds from around the UK meet to share stories, ideas and thoughts on the current state of British race relations.

We Are Black British- Image Credit: BBC Two

Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman – Wednesday 23rd February 10pm | Sky

Prisons are designed to keep the bad guys on the inside. But for some captive geniuses, those prison walls are just another crime waiting to happen. Some of the greatest stories ever told start behind bars. Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman takes you through the most notorious prison breaks, every suspenseful moment of their escapes.

Dating’s Dangerous Secrets – Thursday 24th February 10pm | BBC Three

Reporter Linda Adey investigates the safety of the most popular dating apps in Britain and asks whether providing background checks for all users might be one way to improve safety on the platforms.

Linda Adey – Image Credit: BBC Three

Madea: Homecoming – Friday 25th February | Netflix

Madea prepares to welcome her family who have all come to town to celebrate her Great-Grandson’s graduation from college but some hidden secrets threaten to destroy the joyous family homecoming.

Unreported World: The Anti Vaxx Preachers – Available to view on All 4

As rich nations celebrate the success of their vaccination programmes, most people
in Africa haven’t even received one life-saving injection. As Covid variants emerge
from unvaccinated populations, Unreported World investigates the reasons behind
vaccine inequality, as the world is warned: ‘No one is safe, until everyone is safe.’
Seyi Rhodes joins an expedition team set up by a British charity.

Image Credit: Channel 4

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