What To Watch W/C Monday 27th May

There’s lots to watch this week ….

Including the highly anticipated second season of We Are Lady Parts, and season three of The Outlaws.

Let us know what you’ll be watching!

Clive Myrie’s Caribbean Adventure – Monday 27th May @6:30pm | BBC Two

From the vibrant streets of Cuba to the beautiful beaches of Barbados, Clive explores his family roots – and celebrates the energy, creativity and joy of a place close to paradise.

He begins by heading east towards the wild beauty of Jamaica’s longest mountain range, and catches up with his sister, Judith, who has recently moved from the UK to live on the island.

We Are Lady Parts: S2 – Thursday 30th May @ 10pm | Channel 4

The band returns with a renewed artistic mission after the high of their first UK tour, only to find a rival band threatens their delicate status quo. As the reality of chasing success sets in, Lady Parts embark on recording their first album, juggling personal ambitions and deciding whether ‘making it big’ is really what they wanted. With faith Omole, Kimani Arthur and Bradley Banton.

The Outlaws – Thursday 30th May @ 9pm | BBC One

With crime boss The Dean behind bars, The Outlaws are moving on with their lives – but Rani’s shock return and the discovery of a dead body sends them hurtling back into mortal danger. With Clare Perking, Gamba Cole, Kojo Kamara, Charles Babalola, Brett Curtis and Nadia Violet-Johnson.

Eric – Thursday 30th May | Netflix

Puppeteer Vincent clings to his missing son’s drawings of a blue monster puppet named Eric, convinced that if he can get Eric on TV then his son will come home. With Clarke Peters, McKinley Belcher III and Gloria Obianyo.

Die Hart 2 – Thursday 30th May | Prime Video

In this sequel, Kevin Hart, now the world’s biggest action star, finds himself the victim of an evil revenge plot and must enlist the help of his favourite co-star and his over-eager assistant if he wants to survive. With Nathalie Emmanuel.

Cold Copy – Saturday 1st June | Netflix

Bent on impressing her ruthless professor with a sensational scoop, a journalism student brushes ethics aside to manipulate the son of a famous author. Starring Tracee Ellis-Ross

The Famous Five: The Eye Of The Sunrise – StreamingNow | BBC iPlayer

It’s late August 1939 and George comes across the Great Supremo who is on the run from malevolent pursuers. She manages to convince her cousins that they should protect him and the Five hide him in their den where he tells them about a powerful treasure he guards, the Eye of the Sunrise.

But the Five’s promise proves impossible to keep as Dr Rosamund Graves and her burly assistant Bradley arrive from the local psychiatric institute to take Supremo away. He’s not just a magician, he’s a psychiatric patient. Can the Five trust anything he says? Starring Diaana Babnicova and Ann Akinjirin.

The Journey Of Self – Streaming Now | MYM’s Youtube Channel

Set in one room, spanning over the course of one year, the traumatic inner turmoil of one young woman is exposed through the lens of therapy, as she questions her sense of self and belonging in the world. Starring Zakiyyah Deen.


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