What’s On Screen – Tuesday 20th June 2017

Title: BSU

Format: Web Series

Genre: Comedy

Platform: YouTube – Issa Rae

Synopsis: BSU (Black Student Union) is a comedic coming of age web series following a group of college students who are navigating the pitfalls of teenage self discovery, while simultaneously balancing the expectations to organise on behalf of current and future black students.

Title:  Amar Akbar & Tony (2015)

Format: Film

Genre: Comedy; Romantic Comedy; British; Drama

Certificate: 15

Platform: Netflix

Date Added: 20th June 2017

Cast: Karen David, Sam Vincenti, Laura Aikman, Martin Delaney, Rez Kempton, Atul Malhotra, Meera Syal, Tanveer Ghani, Nina Wadia, Goldy Notay, Amrita Acharia

Synopsis: The brotherly bond between three childhood friends — one Sikh, one Muslim and one Catholic — is tested by the often comic absurdities of adulthood.

Title: The Vigilante Diaries (2016)

Format: Film

Genre: Action

Certificate: 15

Synopsis:  A former soldier becomes a lethal vigilante, whose exploits are documented by a film-maker. When the director is marked for death by gangsters who disapprove of his film, he seeks the crimefighter’s help, only to discover he has been kidnapped, so recruits a group of mercenaries for a rescue mission.

Cast: Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Michael Jai White, Kevin L. Walker, Jason Mewes, Paul Sloan

Time: 4pm

Channel: Sky Cinema Action & Adventure

  • Sky: Channels 301–312 (SD/HD); Channels 314, 330–337, 339, 340 (SD) | Sky Go: Watch live (UK & Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channels 401, 403–412 (HD); Channels 402, 431, 433–442 | Virgin Media (Ireland): Channels 301–309, 318, 320, 321 ; Channels 331–341 (HD) | Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only)
  • TalkTalk TV: Channels 501–511 (SD)
  • BT: Channels 501–511 (SD)
  • Now TV: Watch live (UK only)


Title: Finding Carter (S1/Ep1)

Format: Series

Genre: Drama

Synopsis:  New Teen drama series where a 16-year old learns that the woman who raised her actually abducted her, and sets out to find her real family.

Cast: Andi Osho (pilot episode only), Kathryn Prescott

Time: 8pm

Channel: 5Star

  • Freeview: Channel 30; Channel 55 (+1)
  • Freesat: Channel 131; Channel 132 (+1)
  • Sky (UK only): Channel 176 (SD/HD); Channel 190 (+1) | Sky Go: Watch live (UK & Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 151; Channel 186 (+1) | Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only)
  • MY5: Watch online
  • WightFibre: Channel 15

Title: Rosewood-Lidocaine And Long-Term Lust (S2/Ep7)

Format: Series

Genre: Crime; Drama

Synopsis: Miami pathologist, Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., finds secrets in people’s bodies using his state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.  A glamour model dies the night after a beachfront photo shoot, and the pathologist and Villa are plunged into the cut-throat world of plastic surgery.

Cast: Morris Chestnut

Time: 8pm

Channel: Alibi

  • Sky: Channel 132 (SD/HD); Channel 226 (+1); Channel 247 (SD) | Sky Go: Watch live (UK and Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 126; Channel 130 (+1); Channel 200 (HD) | Virgin Media Ireland: Channel 151 | Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only)
  • WightFibre: Channel 70
  • TalkTalk TV: Channel 312
  • BT TV: Channel 312; Channel 382 (HD)
  • Plusnet: Channel 312
  • TVPlayer: Watch live (UK only) (TVPlayer Plus subscription required)

Title: Supershoppers (S3/Ep3)

Format: Series

Genre: Education; Food

Synopsis:  Andi Osho and Anna Richardson investigate just how British some iconic Brit products really are, and whether retailer B&M lives up to its `Big Brands, Big Savings’ promise. Plus, the swimwear that promises to help shoppers look `10 pounds lighter in 10 seconds’. Should consumers pay for expensive brands or will high street versions do the same slimming trick?

Time: 8:30pm

Channel: Channel 4

  • Freeview: Channel 4; Channel 7 (Wales); Channel 13 (+1); Channel 104 (HD)
    Channel 109 (+1 HD)
  • Freesat: Channel 104 (SD); Channel 120 (Wales); Channel 121 (+1); Channel 126 (HD)
  • Sky (UK): Channel 104 (SD); Channel 117 (Wales); Channel 135 (+1); Channel 227 (HD) | Sky (Ireland): Channel 135; Channel 136 (+1) | Sky Go: Watch live (UK and Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 104; Channel 141 (HD); Channel 142 (+1) | Virgin Media (Ireland): Channel 111; Channel 142 (HD) | Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only); Watch live (+1, UK only)
  • WightFibre: Channel 4

Title: Chance (S1/Ep1)

Format: Series

Genre: Drama

Cast: Hugh Laurie; Clarke Peters; LisaGay Hamilton

Synopsis: Based on Kem Nunn’s novel, Chance is described as a provocative psychological thriller that focuses on Eldon Chance (Hugh Laurie), a San Francisco-based forensic neuropsychiatrist who reluctantly gets sucked into a violent and dangerous world of mistaken identity, police corruption and mental illness. Starring Clarke Peters as Carl an old-school antiques dealer. LisaGay Hamilton plays Suzanne Silver, a psychologist practicing in Berkeley and Chance’s close friend.

Time:  9pm (times my vary according to service provider)

Channel: Universal Channel

  • Sky (UK): Channel 113 (SD/HD); Channel 150 (+1); Channel 204 (SD) | Sky (Ireland): Channel 113; Channel 150 (+1): Channel 204 (HD) | Sky Go Watch live (UK and Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 137; Channel 138 (+1); Channel 164 (HD) | Virgin Media (Ireland): Channel 123 | Virgin TV Anywhere Watch live (UK only)
  • TalkTalk TV: Channel 320
  • BT: Channel 320; Channel 385 (HD)
  • Plusnet: Channel 320


Title: BET Awards Nomination Special & BET Awards Video Compilation of the Best 8 European Nominated Acts

Format: TV

Genre: Music; Award show

Cast: European acts include – Stormzy; Skepta; Giggs; Craig David; Wiley ; Emeli Sandé; MHD (France); Booba (France)

Synopsis: This special highlights the nominees and performers for the 2017 BET Awards. Plus, catch a preview of the upcoming 2017 BET Experience weekend. Followed by a music video compilation of the best eight european acts nominated for the 2017 International BET Awards.

Time: 9 – 11:30pm (times my vary according to service provider)

Channel: BET Intl

  • Freesat: Channel 140
  • Sky: Channel 187
  • StarSat: Channel 167
  • Virgin Media: Channel 184 | Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only)

Title: Broken (S1/Ep4)

Format: Series

Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Father Michael has a moment of clarity and makes a decision which goes against his vows – but might just save a life. Elsewhere, Helen (Muna Otaru) leads the community in a vigil outside the police station, as PC Andrew Powell struggles to make peace with what he has done.

Cast: Sean, Bean, Muna Otaru, Adrian Dunbar

Time: 9pm

Channel: BBC1

  • Freeview: Channel 1; Channel 101 (HD)
  • Freesat: Channel 101 (SD: England; HD: Sco/Wal/NI); Channel 108 (SD: Sco/Wal/NI; HD: England); Channels 950–967, 972, 973, 976, 978 (regional variations)
  • Sky (UK): Channel 101 (SD: England; HD: Sco/Wal/NI); Channel 115 (HD: England); Channel 141 (SD: Sco/Wal/NI); Channels 951–968, 976–979 (regional variations) | Sky (Ireland): Channel 141 (SD/HD); Channel 215 (SD
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 101; Channel 108 (HD); Channels 851, 861–864 (regional variations) | Virgin Media (Ireland): Channel 108; Channel 139 (HD)
  • WightFibre: Channel 1
  • BBC iPlayer: Watch live (UK only)
  • TVPlayer: Watch Live (UK only)
  • Horizon Go: Watch live (Ireland only)

Title: Wynonna Earp – Stone Walls And Steel Bars (S2/Ep2)

Format: Series

Genre: Supernatural; Drama

Synopsis: New girl Rosita has plenty yet to prove, and the arrival of an old acquaintance of Wyonna’s threatens to cause yet another disturbance in the town. African-Canadian actor Shamier Anderson plays Agent Dolls, a U.S. Marshal and probably the most logical and level-headed member of Wynonna Earp’s demon slaying team.

Cast: Shamier Anderson, Melanie Scrofano, Dominique Provost- Chalkley

Time: 10pm

Channel: Spike

  • Freeview: Channel 31
  • Freesat: Channel 141
  • Sky (UK only): Channel 160; Channel 219 (+1)
  • Virgin Media: Channel 154
  • TVPlayer: Watch live (UK only)


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