What’s On TV – Thursday 1st June 2017

Title: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)

Format: Film
Genre: Sci-fi; Action; Thriller
Certificate: 12
Synopsis: In the sequel to the Maze Runner which saw a group of children escape from a giant mechanical maze, the leader of group once again must save his peers as they find themselves in a desolate wasteland. As they seek the truth about the organisation that imprisoned them, they team up with resistance fighters to uncover what the powers that be have in store for them. British Blacktress Nathalie Emmanuel stars as Harriet
Cast: Dylan O’Brien, Dexter Darden, Giancario Esposito, Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Time: 6:45pm
Channel: Sky Cinema Sci-fi/ Horror

  • Sky: Channels 301–312 (SD/HD); Channels 314, 330–337, 339, 340 (SD) | Sky Go: Watch live (UK & Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channels 401, 403–412 (HD); Channels 402, 431, 433–442 | Virgin Media (Ireland): Channels 301–309, 318, 320, 321 ; Channels 331–341 (HD) | Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only)
  • TalkTalk TV: Channels 501–511 (SD)
  • BT: Channels 501–511 (SD)
  • Now TV: Watch live (UK only)

Title: Second Story-Man (2011)

Format: Film
Genre: Thriller
Synopsis: A couple robs banks while the daughter sits in the back of the car. As the man has a limp it’s the woman doing the actual robbery. Something goes wrong and she gets shot. He moves and slowly loses his sanity.
Cast: Christopher J. Domig, Zaira Crystal, Valerie Evering

Time: 9pm
Channel: Sony Movie Channel

  • Freeview (UK): Channel 32
  • Sky (UK and Ireland): Channel 323; Channel 324 (+1)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 425
  • TVPlayer (UK): Watch live

Title: Frank Skinner On Muhammad Ali

Format: TV
Genre: Documentary; Sport
Synopsis: The comedian learns more about his hero and boxing icon by visiting special places and important people in his life. He meets the boxers brother in their home town, his former wife Khalilah and he visits the Pennsylvania training compound where Ali prepared for the Rumble in the Jungle.

Time: 9pm
Channel: BBC One

  • Freeview: Channel 1; Channel 101 (HD)
  • Freesat: Channel 101 (SD: England; HD: Sco/Wal/NI); Channel 108 (SD: Sco/Wal/NI; HD: England); Channels 950–967, 972, 973, 976, 978 (regional variations)
  • Sky (UK): Channel 101 (SD: England; HD: Sco/Wal/NI); Channel 115 (HD: England); Channel 141 (SD: Sco/Wal/NI); Channels 951–968, 976–979 (regional variations) | Sky (Ireland): Channel 141 (SD/HD); Channel 215 (SD
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 101; Channel 108 (HD); Channels 851, 861–864 (regional variations) | Virgin Media (Ireland): Channel 108; Channel 139 (HD)
  • WightFibre: Channel 1
  • BBC iPlayer: Watch live (UK only)
  • TVPlayer: Watch Live (UK only)
  • Horizon Go: Watch live (Ireland only)

Title: Scandal – Transfer of power (S6/EP16)

Format: Series
Genre: Drama; Politics
Synopsis: SEASON FINALE!!! In the final days Olivia tests how well the team can do without her, while Fitz uses his power to make some unexpected changes that may be heavily criticised. At the same time in a dramatic ending they must convince Eli to help them catch one of his biggest nemesis.
Cast: Kerry Washington, Joe Morton

Time: 10pm
Channel: Sky Living

  • Sky: Channel 107 (SD/HD); Channel 122 (+1); Channel 221 (SD) | Sky Anytime | Sky Go: Watch live (UK and Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 111 (HD); Channel 112; Channel 140 (+1) | Virgin Media Ireland: Channel 124; Channel 125 (+1); Channel 144 (HD) | Virgin TV Anywhere: Watch live (UK only)
  • WightFibre: Channel 71; Channel 62 (+1)
  • Freewire: Channel 140
  • TalkTalk TV: Channel 303
  • Now TV: Watch live (UK only)


Title: Instinct (1999)

Format: Film
Genre: Drama
Certificate: 15
Synopsis: When a noted anthropologist who left society to live in the jungle is imprisoned in a mental institution for murder, it’s up to a young psychiatrist, Theo Caulder (Cuba Gooding Jr.) to get him to reveal exactly why he committed the crime.
Cast: Cuba Gooding Jnr, Anthony Hopkins

Time: 11:10pm
Channel: Film4

  • Freeview: Channel 15; Channel 45(+1)
  • Freesat: Channel 300; Channel 301
  • Sky (UK): Channel 315 (SD/HD); Channel 316 (+1); Channel 342 (SD)| Sky Go: Watch live (UK and Ireland only)
  • Virgin Media (UK): Channel 428; Channel 429(HD); Channel 430 (+1) | Virgin Media (Ireland): Channel 323; Channel 324 (+1)
  • WightFibre: Channel 29; Channel 30 (+1)
  • FilmOn: Watch live
  • All 4: Watch live

Title: For Queen And Country (1988)

Format: Film
Genre: Crime; Drama
Certificate: 15
Synopsis: ***British Film*** Co-written by Trix Worrell of Desmond’s fame, an officer (Denzel Washington) is discharged from the British military and returns to his inner city London home where he struggles to adjust to every day life.
Cast: Denzel Washington, Geff Francis

Time: 11:50pm
Channel: London Live



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