Where Are All the British Black YouTubers?

Black British YouTubers are out there in abundance, but unfortunately as we’ve come to expect, grossly under represented in mainstream media.

Recently national magazine Shout  compiled a list of various UK YouTubers, some with millions of subscribers some with a few hundred thousand. The list of 25 was completely white,  despite the many successful and widely recognised Black British faces on the social network, many of which have fostered successful careers and made a lot of money from their content.  Only the editors of that magazine can explain why they were left off the list.

TBB’s Marianne names a few of the big guns who are have forged well paid careers out of their online content, and others who deserve recognition for creating consistent, topical and entertaining videos.

KSI – (Comedy/Music) – Olajide Olatunji better known as KSI (shortened from his online alias KSIOlajideBT) from Watford is known as a YouTube personality, rapper, comedian, and actor and the highest paid Black British YouTuber.  Business Insider ranked his channel 2nd behind One Direction in 2015 and he is said to have amassed a net worth of £11m to date. His YouTube channel, started in 2009, mostly consists of FIFA gameplay/commentary and occasional vlogs, and has reached over 3 billion video views and 15 million subscribers.  He has also become well known for music releasing his debut EP, Keep Up in 2016, reaching number one on the UK R&B Albums chart, as well as charting in several other countries.  His book KSI: I Am A Bellend was released in 2015 and he recently started in a movie, Laid In America with other You Tubers released September 2016. KSI was voted Vlogger of the Year at the 2016 NME Awards. KSI.

Patricia Bright – (Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion/Hair) – Patricia is a fashion beauty and hair  vlogger who recently celebrated reaching 1 million subscribers. Her channel is filled with tutorials and videos to help with your beauty and fashion needs. You can also enjoy style advice and random life advice.  Her content has seen her enjoy many perks including many international holidays and an exclusive meet up with Mariah Carey. Patricia also brings her husband and new baby into her YouTube life, you can view their adventures, including her childbirth video on their family channel. Brit Pop Princess.

Deji – (Comedy/Gaming/Pranks) – The younger brother of KSI, Deji Olatunji  has also earned a huge fortune from his content.  His channels are mostly shouty, sweary, comedic prank videos which appeal to most. You can also find pranks featuring his parents which are hilarious!  Comedy Short Gamer |  The Angelz Kid.

Jennie Jenkins – (Beauty/Lifestyle) – Jennie Jenkins is a UK Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Vlogger of Nigerian Descent more commonly referred to as Beauty By JJ.  She was worked with big brands such as River Island and often travels for meet and greats and events in Nigeria.   Her content consists of beauty and make up tutorials, but her most recent video is a thought provoking commentary on living alone. Beauty By JJ

Rachael Sealy – (Natural Hair/Beauty/Fashion/Empowerment) – Rachael Sealy’s platform celebrates the beauty of afro hair, fashion, lifestyle and promotes women’s empowerment. Rachael is known for her direct and honest approach, highlighting issues that provoke conversation, thought and exploring avenues of change towards creating equality amongst all.  She was recently featured on BET Internationals natural hair special idents for black history month and hosted a special screening of Hidden Figures sponsored by Curls hair brand. UKafrolista

Rants N Bants – (Comedy/Social Commentary/Sport) Fitness Trainer Darren transferred his witty & straight to the point social commentary from Snapchat to YouTube and Facebook, earning many fans along the way.  He began with comedic content for his friends, but after his rant about Brexit went viral he has earned notoriety for his frank, honest and much needed political views.  He has recently added sports content to his repertoire. Rants N Bants.

Karl & Cassandra Lokko – (Relationships/Business) – The #LokkedIn Channel is the video hub of Karl And Cassandra Lokko. Karl is self-described as a wordsmith, a poet, musician, freelance writer, and public speaker who utilises his talents through these channels to articulate his message, views and opinions. Whilst Cassandra is a budding creative with a unique eye, creating a new scope for all things fashion, entertainment, and life itself.  Together they display a great lesson in black love and building a family brand. #LokkedIn

Shirley B Eniang – (Fashion/Lifestyle) – Shirley has one of the best UK Fashion channels on You Tube by far.  She creates lots video lookbooks from her high street fashion hauls, nothing too pretentious or unobtainable, and is always a pleasure to watch. She also blogs about her life and beauty too. Shirley B Eniang

Parris – (Life/Music/Sport) – Commonly known online as Monstah or FifaMonstah admits his channel is ‘all over the placs’ but he has 250k subscribers so it’s not a turn off.  Apart from watching his shouting and FIFA matches,  Parris vlogs about his life, and music and he also has a few challenges and pranks to keep people entertained. FifaMonstah.

Laila – (Natural Hair/Beauty) – Laila’s channel is a natural hair dreamland described as All things natural hair, lifestyle, beauty and a dose of London.  Her current featured video is a head wrap tutorial which was her most requested video for 2016, proving that the natural hair trend is not just a passing phase. FusionOfCultures.

I Tell Yah – (Sports) – Mr I Tell Yah is a sports blogger who has transferred some of his website content to YouTube.  He features a huge variety of sports content on his channel including FIFA updates and weekly Premier League reviews. Particularly good are his 3 minute rants and his video interview of the only female football official in Jamaica. I Tell Yah.

Ronke Lawal – Business/PR –  Ronke’s videos feature PR and Marketing tips and business advice from the lady herself.  Ronke is known as a prominent Business guru who specialises in PR for SMEs,  her channel is a look into her business life and the advice she gives to her clients. Ronke Lawal Means Business.

Chanel Boateng – (Fashion/Beauty/Lifestyle) – Chanel hosts Plus Sized fashion content on her channel and has worked with brands such as Boo Hoo.  She also addresses issues such as facial hair, body confidence and representation.  Her videos with her family are very very sweet. Chanel Ambrose.

Terroll Lewis & Nakita Johnson – (Relationships) – Terroll Lewis is an ex gang member turned  fitness trainer known as Mr Block Workout,  known for outdoors training in Brixton and  supporting & mentoring youth in the area.  Nakita Johnson is a beauty & Lifestyle vlogger.   Their channel is a fun look at their lives together as  couple, their trips to abroad and insight into their challenges. Terroll & Nakita.

We may have missed your favourites, comment below to tell us about the Black British YouTubers on your list.


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