Who are CCKK?

CCKK is made up of East Londoners Chro Cash (CC) and King Koroma (KK). They represent the sound of London’s inner city. Based in the east the two young artists express their unique experiences of growing up together in the borough of Newham. Drawing on their trials, tribulations, delights and occasional good fortune, CCKK condense and express all of this into their own unique brand of music. The young men are focused on the business of bringing their sound to the world stage. TBB caught up with the rising talent to give our readers an exclusive interview with young recording artists serious about making a mark for themselves.

Introduce yourself…

(CC) I’m Chro Cash out the East end of London, I am a MC slash singer songwriter who is always ready to bring a vibe-full sound to the world. My songs infuse the rough and raw experiences of the streets with a touch of lighthearted joy.

(KK) I am King Koroma a songwriter/spoken word artist.

Where do you come from?

(KK) We’re from Plaistow/Stratford my homeland is Sierra Leone.

(CC) My nationalities include English, Jamaica and Latvia (cool mix), I was born in the East End of London, and in the mad place we call Newham.

How long have you been a music artist?

(CC) I’ve been a musician since I was 7, I used to remake songs I loved from old cd’s around the house by recording my self making the drum pattern and singing over it.

(KK) I would say I have been a music artist for most of my life, I have always love and enjoyed different types of music and always knew I would make my own brand one day.

Name the first song that inspired you to become an artist…

(KK) I can not say specifically one song but I can name the artist which Is Tupac Shakur I say this because listening to him for the first time and actually feeling touched by the music is what inspired me the fact he could express his emotions through rap music the way he did.

(CC) Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough, need I say more.

Can you remember the first bars you ever wrote – what they were about and are you proud of them or when you think back were they nonsense?

(CC) The first bars I wrote I jacked the flow of ‘Hate it or Love it – 50 cent’ and replaced it with my own words, I wrote about how I wanted to buy mansions and fast cars for poor and unfortunate people, I respect it, it reassures me that I have always had a good heart.

(KK) I can’t remember my first lyrics too tough but I do remember Rapping it too Chro Cash which was a big step in confidence.

Tell us about your latest song, what’s it about and why you chose this as a release?

(KK) Well the latest song was ‘Spray N Pray’ which was filmed in and around Stratford this tune coming from Chro Cash and myself was to briefly state we have bars in abundance so we spray them and pray.

(CC) Yeah Spray n Pray’, is a whole load of contextual bars and punch lines to show our respect for the art of rap.

Are you signed to a label? Do you plan on signing? Which British artist you do you most admire for their work ethic and success?

(CC) I’m independent at the moment, signing is always an option, I have a lot of work to do giving our fans music and developing as a recording artist before anyone would consider signing me. My team Emotive Frequency is strong, we move in a label manner, so if the opportunity of signing presents itself we would be happy to discuss whatever with who ever. The artist I admire is Elton John he is the man. I admire his prolific manner and his persistence in the music industry.

(KK) No we are not signed, would I be signing to a record label in the future? Maybe, it depends on many things and at the moment I most admire what Stormzy is doing in the music industry, it is a legendary moment and his work rate is inspirational.

Shout outs…

(CC) Firstly I wanna shout out my team, Emotive Frequency, for the major support they’ve given me in the time I’ve been rolling with them. I want to shout out Young Athena, King Koroma, T.C 100, SVG and Keep It Real Clothing for the support and good work. I also want to shout out my mum and family, all the students up at ELAM and BRIT, and all the people in my manner and everyone supporting the movement.

(KK) I wanna shout out to the whole camp the whole team Emotive Frequency for making this into what it is, and working hard, I wanna shout out Keep It Real for sponsoring us, SVG for helping us with shows getting us out there and to Stormzy for making moves that have inspired us all. A very special thank you to The British Blacklist, such a great platform to showcase British talent.

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