Young People in the North Look Out For Upcoming ‘Random Acts’ Short Film Opportunity with Channel 4 & Tyneside Cinema

random_acts_tyneside_channel_fourTyneside Cinema has just commissioned the first round of films for Random Acts Network Centre North. The next chance to apply will be in November 2015.

From dancers and poets, to filmmakers and artists they are looking for young people with the boldest and freshest ideas for short films. If you are aged 16-24 and live or study in the North of England (North East, North West, or Yorkshire) you can apply to take part in the Random Acts education and training programme and have your short film produced with the help of leading industry mentors.

What is Random Acts?

Random Acts are short films by artists, not films about artists. They are bold expressions of creativity delivered in short film form. They come in many flavours: live action, animation, serious, cheeky; made by dancers, visual artists, poets, musicians, writers, filmmakers; they are between 90 seconds and 3 minutes long. The ambition is for the finished films to be shared on a dedicated website and selected for screening on Channel Four. The programme will run again in 2016 and 2017, with 24 films being produced each year.

How Can You Get Involved?

You may already have a script, artwork, piece of choreography or music that you want to use or you might choose to develop a new idea specifically for Random Acts. Either way, if you are commissioned to make a film you will get help to develop your idea and get it ready for production.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone aged 16-24 living or studying at school, college or university in the North of England (Cumbria, North East, North West or Yorkshire) can apply as an individual or as part of a group. You don’t have to have made a film before but you will need to have a good understanding of how sound and image can be combined for creative effect and be able to commit to delivering work to deadlines.

What Does It Involve?

If selected you will need to commit to a demanding training, development and production programme that begins in the summer of 2015 and concludes in early 2016. You will be supported throughout, but you need to be prepared to commit time and energy to producing your work. Once you are commissioned you will be placed onto a production schedule, which means working to tight delivery deadlines.

What is Random Acts Looking For?

Ideas that are bold, daring, and creatively expressed. Push at the boundaries of what can be done with the medium both in terms of form and content. Your films should use sound and image in an exciting and expressive manner that challenges audiences to think about what they are seeing and hearing and how they are experiencing it. Ask yourself, is it fresh? Does it show the world we know in a way that makes us see things differently? Is the way you want propose to combine images and sound playful, surprising or challenging? Is it appropriate? Does it make best use of the medium? Why are you choosing to express your idea as a film? Why does this form suit your idea?

What Does It Cost?

The Network Centre will cover the costs of training participants, which includes accommodation and catering as part of the residential programme. Each film will be allocated a production budget of up to £4000. Successful applicants are expected to pay for their own travel to attend the Talent Residential in Newcastle, as well as travel associated with film production. Travel bursaries are available for those who can demonstrate that the cost of travel would prevent them from participating.

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