2017 EGX Rezzed Offers Tantalising Glimpse at Upcoming Games

This year’s EGX Rezzed once again showcased a wide array of up and coming game titles coming out in 2017.

With the Nintendo Switch recently being released and VR also making waves it was an event that I was expecting to provide a tantalising glimpse into what new games we can look forward to in the near future. Here are a few of some of the demos I checked out.

RiME – As far as long awaited games go Tequila Works RiME has got to be fairly high up the list. It has been on the minds of players since its positive response after it was first revealed in 2013, and with its release date finally set in stone for the 27th of May the wait is almost over.

Similar to Zelda and The Last Guardian it is an Adventure Platform game set in a beautifully scenic world that encourages the player to journey through its expansive terrain, solving puzzles and challenges along the way.

Located in the Epic room at EGX, four fully playable RiME demo stations were invitingly set up, so I started playing. What strikes you straight away about RiME is how bright the game is, it’s a lot closer to the radiant environments in Zelda Breath Of The Wild than say The Last Guardian and it’s these warm lush environments that encourage you to explore, with its obscure Neolithic ruins and orchestrated sweeping soundtrack enhancing RiME’s mystical charm. I found myself for large percentages of the demo just literally wandering around and taking it all in, as opposed to actually doing any tasks. Swimming and climbing seem to be central to its exploration and controlling the character felt very natural for the little time I played it.

With Zelda Particularly doing well on the Nintendo Switch it will be interesting to see how gamers receive RiME when it launches later this month, and I for one can’t wait to experience the full game.

Release date: May 26, 2017 on PS4, Xbox One & PC with a Switch version coming soon after.
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Snake Pass – One of the most unusual games that I managed to get hands on was Sheffield-based Sumo Digital’s Snake Pass a 3D physics-based puzzle-platformer where you control a character named Noodle, a snake that slithers and climbs obstacles in order to gather different sets of collectables.

You’re accompanied by Doodle a hummingbird who becomes a very welcome aid especially as you navigate through the more trickier environments. The control and feeling was very realistic and works really well which is a major plus and its simplistic premise was surprisingly addictive. 

The version I played was for the Xbox One but it is also available on PS4, Steam, Windows 10 and on the Nintendo Switch interestingly.

Release date: available now

The Town of Light – Next on the list was a much more darker experience located in the Wired Productions booth. It’s an award-winning first-person psychological adventure – originally developed by Italian indie developer LKA about a young girl called Renée, committed to an Italian psychiatric hospital shortly before World War 2.

The demo I played starts with you arriving at the hospital and then navigating its eerie corridors, slowly unraveling memories about Renée’s disturbing past experiences spent inside the asylum.

The game is based on a real location: the ‘Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra’ in Tuscany, which was home to more than 5000 mental patients but was shut down in 1978 because its practices were deemed cruel. The developers have done an amazing job in recreating its weathered interior walls and dark empty hallways which help build atmospheric tension.

As you progress through the game, more of Renée’s story is revealed in the shape of stylised illustrative cut-scenes which effectively serve to immerse you in her world. In addition to this – a slow paced melancholic narrative is incorporated which help drive the story like an interactive novel.

I thoroughly enjoyed the demo and although it was originally released on PC, the version I played on the PS4 worked really well which will please console owners.

Release date: June 6th 2017 PS4 and Xbox One with an updated version to the award-winning PC edition.


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