90% #OutOf100 – Infectious British Comedy, The Weekend Movie!

Brand new British Comedy produced by actor, comedian, screenplay writer & CEO of The Colour Network Kojo Anim hits the big screens today with The Weekend.

With Kojo at the helm and starring the hilarious Mandem On The Wall trio, Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott and Dee Kaate as the lead roles, The Weekend was always destined for comedy gold.

The story follows three regular and not the most popular young boys from Hackney who strike massive luck when they come across an abandoned lump sum of money. Eager to impress the guys and girls of ‘their ends’, of course they splash the cash! But little to their knowledge the money belongs to a furious gangster, who sets out on a mission to get it back!

The Weekend is a film for the family and switches up the typical Urban film narrative you’re faced with when based in an area in London surrounding a story about young black lads.

Consistently funny, with relatable jokes and content especially for London teens The Weekend features some of London’s finest up and coming and well established black female and male talent – Arnold Jorge, Nadine Mills, Ashley Inkz, Nathan Hector, Samson Kayo, Frankie Clarence and many more.

What Kojo and director Sheridan De Myers have managed to do is raise the bar for the British black comedy feature. Also whether or not it’s because they’ve got previous history with their Mandem on the Wall / Wall of Comedy brand, the three leads have taken their chemistry to the big screen with ease. They all definitely have a great screen career in the future.

You will enjoy this film. Get out and support it.

The Weekend
Director: Sheridan De Myers
Writer(s): Davie Fairbanks, Marc Small
Cast: Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott, Dee Kaate, Elijah Baker, Frankie Clarence, Richie Driss, Shanika Ocean
UK Release: Friday 2nd December 2016 – Screening times are different depending on the cinema. Tickets can be purchased in advance from: Our Screens.


Review by @_HanCali  



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