98% #OutOf100: Dancing Suzann McLean Returns In Expanded BUPA UK Commercial in #ForLiving Campaign

As another national advertising campaign is spearheaded by a British black woman, it’s great to see BUPA UK expanding on this WCRS Agency commercial for their #ForLiving campaign. Previously, it offered only a teaser of backstory to its beautiful black star.

Originally launched on January 5th, 2017 to advertise how BUPA cancer services can help you rediscover you after the ravages of serious illness, this extended version has been released, focusing on helping people get the most out of everyday life.

Whether it was cancer directly affecting her femininity (breast, gynecological), or chemotherapy-related hair loss, we’ll never know. But, what award-winning director Martin de Thurah captured here representing the realisation that she is going to live, that she doesn’t mind if people stare, that she has the energy for dancing and that, for three minutes, her head will be filled only with a great song – “Pain In My Heart, “ 1967, by HeleSmith (5 years after Otis Reading’s signature 1962 version), blactress Suzann McLean absolutely nails that life affirming moment when only a good soul ballad will do, owning the dance floor once again.

A minor puzzle is that McClean doesn’t really appear to be dancing to the Smith cover, but to a totally different song. A tune, nevertheless, but not to the song we can hear!

The campaign runs across TV, video-on-demand, cinema, radio, and direct-response TV, with McClean’s extraordinary face and her ‘own private dancer’ moves tugging at your heart and resonating wordlessly.



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