Apply: Accredited Courses in Design, Journalism, Style & Business With Prestigious Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design NOW!

The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design are now accepting applications to welcome you, the next generation of Fashionistas into the Condé Nast family!

They are offering fantastic courses in a diverse range of expertise for aspiring fashion journalists, designers, stylists and business people.

The Accredited Courses:

The BA (Hons) Fashion Communication – a two-year fast-track, industry-focused programme, which is a broad based,varied course that examines a range of areas within fashion communication, introducing and explaining the world of fashion to facilitate the development of vital transferable professional skills. You can looks forward to learning about the  visual elements such as image making and graphic design, through to media and marketing and the approaches used to sell fashion in a competitive global market place. The BA (Hons) Fashion Communication degree programme is validated by the University of Buckingham.


  • The one-year Vogue Fashion Foundation Diploma;
  • The ten-week Vogue Fashion Certificate;
  • The four-week Vogue Intensive Summer Course.

The Short Courses:

The one week Fashion Journalism Course – an intensive one-week programme, introducing you to a range of practical skills and essential information for anyone interested in fashion and lifestyle journalism. You will learn about the media and develop your writing skills!


  • The ONE WEEK Fashion Styling Course;
  • The one week Fashion Business Course;
  • The Vogue Teen Weekend.

You couldn’t ask for a better starting point for those who want to be tomorrow’s stars of the fashion industry and the central London Condé Nast College will get you the foundation and connections you will need!

With outstanding resources, cutting-edge facilities and access to experts from the worlds of fashion, style and luxury, the College prepares its students to work in all areas of this exciting and innovative industry.

For more information, visit and submit your application NOW


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