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Shaka Ra

BFI Black Stars: A Conversation with Danny Glover

DANNY GLOVER Set the Southbank alight with a fine exposé on life, art and activism. ShakaRa explains how it went down.

ShakaRa Speaks On It: A Dissection of Nate...

An in depth review of Birth of a Nation, the film and the fanfare, from a historical & cultural political perspective.

ShakaRa Speaks On It: What Does a Donald...

So, everyone is surprised and some are distraught about the Trump election. But is there an unintended upside to the ascendancy of the new American Commander in Chief?

ShakaRa Speaks On It: Favourite Black History Month...

ShakaRa tackles a number of often repeated opinions and views expressed about Black History Month, putting them to the test of historical accuracy, logic and differing perspectives.